Crystal Ball Markets Enables Traders to Trade Energy Commodities Using CFDs

The online trading platform allows traders to take a position on their preferred energy commodities via CFDs.

Crystal Ball Markets Enables Traders to Trade Energy Commodities Using CFDs
Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, February 16, 2022 --( Savvy traders have long been interested in energy commodities like crude oil, electricity, natural gas, etc. These commodities usually have fluctuating prices, making them a good option for traders interested in speculation. Most energy commodities are traded either physically or in derivatives (exchange traded or OTC derivatives). Most retail traders use contracts for differences (CFDs) to speculate on energy commodity prices. Given the impact energy commodities have on people's lives, it makes sense that shrewd traders would understand their importance and relevance. After all, electricity, gas, and oil are responsible for 84 percent of world energy consumption. Although there has been a growing shift to more environmentally-friendly energy sources, the change will take time. This implies that the consumption of energy commodities will persist for the next decade or two.

CFD trading isn't the only way retail traders can bet on energy commodities. Traders can also purchase energy company shares. However, the reality is that trading energy company shares can be risky. Given the recent market trends and the growing shift to renewable energy, many traders don't want to hold energy company shares long-term because of their inherent risk. As a result, CFD trading has become more popular among those interested in the short-term trading of energy commodities.

CFD trading has rapidly become more popular worldwide. According to, interest in CFD trading skyrocketed by 193 percent in 2020. Traders are flocking in droves to trade energy commodity CFDs because it enables them to trade energy derivatives without the high capital commitments of owning the underlying asset. They can profit by betting on price movements of popular energy derivatives like crude oil and natural gas, using leverage.

Whether traders are looking to trade CFDs of energy company shares like Chevron or trade energy CFDs like Brent or WTI, Crystal Ball Markets is the ideal trading platform. Crystal Ball Markets is one of the few online trading platforms that enables traders to trade Foreign Currencies, Agricultural Commodities, Metals, Energy, Stocks/ Shares, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and Options through a single platform. Crystal Ball Markets’ Mobius Trader 7 is something many traders find appealing. The cutting-edge trading platform has a user-friendly interface well-suited to beginners and offers endless automation capabilities to algorithmic/ AI traders.

Another reason behind the burgeoning popularity of Crystal Ball Markets' trading platform is its availability on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and mobile electronic devices (Apple Appstore, Android, Google Playstore, etc.).

Speaking about the platform, a company spokesperson shared, "People have traded energy commodities for a long time. However, the rise of CFD trading has opened up another dimension to energy commodity trading. An increasing number of retail traders are using CFDs to trade energy commodities, as they are able to speculate on price movements with a smaller amount of capital, using leverage. Traders also enjoy combining our platform's social trading feature with their CFD trading. Beginner traders can copy and observe more seasoned traders take positions on energy commodities while simultaneously learning and earning from observation."

Traders can register with Crystal Ball Markets and create a demo account today. In addition, traders can download the trading platform on any computer or mobile device today to get started on their online trading journey.

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Crystal Ball Markets provides an online platform for traders to trade Currencies, Metals, Energy, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and Options. Traders don't have to worry about freeze levels, routing rules, or other manipulation tactics used by unethical brokers when trading on Crystal Ball Markets. Crystal Ball Markets provides traders with the best trading conditions to succeed.

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