Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting Warns: Pest Infestations May Mean Something More

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting Warns: Pest Infestations May Mean Something More
Coral Springs, FL, April 28, 2022 --( Homeowners understand that water on the floor or a brown stain on the ceiling is a good indicator that they have a water leak somewhere. However, most are surprised to learn that there is a connection between water leaks and pest infestations. “Insects, rodents, and other pests build their homes near a water source. So, if your home has a water leak, pests will congregate. You may notice mouse droppings long before any other detectable signs of water,” states Lee Anderson, owner of Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting.

Signs To Look For:
“The most obvious signs are live insects and pests roaming around your home,” said Anderson. “Unfortunately, pests can be pretty invisible since they tend to roam around at night. Many people don’t know they have a problem until it is a big problem.”

Nonetheless, insects, rodents, and pests often leave evidence even if they remain out of sight. That’s why Aftermath Adjusters recommends inspecting your home for signs of pests, including:

· Look in corners, crawlspaces, or window ledges for dead insects
· Take note of shredded materials that rodents are using for nests. These are often in dark, out-of-the-way spaces like cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and under appliances.
· Small holes in the fabric, especially wool, may indicate a pest problem. Look for holes that are small and irregularly shaped.
· Insects and rodents also chew through other materials, so look for evidence of teeth marks on furniture, walls, or floors.
· Pests leave feces droppings, often near their nests and the paths they take to get to those nests

“If you find any of these signs, call an exterminator immediately,” states Anderson. “But don’t stop at that. Also, look to see if a water leak is the source of your pest problem. The two often go hand-in-hand.”

Where to Look for Leaks:
Plumbing leaks associated with pests are not difficult to spot. By making routine inspections for leaks and evidence of pests, homeowners can detect issues quickly, before too much damage occurs.

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting suggests every homeowner check these areas at least monthly:

· Kitchen
· Bathrooms
· Laundry room
· Outdoor spigots
· AC Units

“It doesn’t take a professional to find a problem,” states Anderson, “Though it may take a professional to fix the problem.” If homeowners find any standing water, dampness, rust, staining, or other signs of water damage, they should fix the problem immediately. This will get rid of the source of the pest problem as well as reduce any water damage and mold issues.

What should a homeowner do if the water leak has caused damage? “Homeowners may need to file an insurance claim. But getting a claim approval will depend on the source of the leak, the reason for the leak, and the type of insurance a homeowner has. Because water leak insurance claims are so tricky, we recommend using a public adjuster to help.”

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting has years of experience helping homeowners file successful water damage claims, getting their clients the best results possible. Call them today for a free consultation or more information on water leaks.

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