Honey Buz Releases 3 New Products at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Honey Buz will be at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2022, June 9 through the 19. The show theme, "In Full Bloom," is a journey to explore the healing power of plant making in the perfect venue for the release of 3 new all natural skin care products. Honey Buz CBG Honey Soap, natural germ fighting; I Bee: for the best view of me; and Native Bee: a comprehensive wellness lotion for all over skin care.

Honey Buz Releases 3 New Products at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Warwick, NY, June 10, 2022 --(PR.com)-- In Full Bloom is the theme for this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show; one of the largest events in Horticulture on the East Coast. Honey Buz is exhibiting for their second year with new products released for 2022.

Honey Buz is an all-natural beauty and wellness product line. They feature locally farmed full spectrum Hemp, processed in a way to provide multiple benefits for a skin and hair. This company also reduces water, uses biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging, and is chemical free.

Various botanicals are added to each formulation, such as white willow bark in Clear Bee, an exfoliating facial bar; mango in Fat Bee to assist in skin protection of blue light radiating from laptops and tablets, and daikon, a natural fortifier for scalp and hair.

Honey is known for its healing proprieties, and Honey Buz utilizes honey, beeswax, and now propolis from the apiary in each their products.

New Product Release 2022

Propolis is incorporated in the new Honey Buz “I Bee” Eye and Face serum. Light weight, the full spectrum blend with propolis supports skin’s natural renewal process. Propolis is a concentrated natural product that bees produce within the hive. It is known for antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties, as it contains the essence of flowers. Propolis and its bio-active compounds can naturally treat acne and other neurodermatitis.

Honey Buz CBG Honey Soap is another new addition, featuring CBG Cannabigerol and germ fighting and anti-viral properties. Utilized for skin, along with honey and goats’ milk, it has proven to be a natural germ fighter. CBG is the only natural plant derived compound that has the benefit of killing MRSA which has become anti-biotic resistant.

The new product release includes a skin lotion which incorporates native desert plants known to heal skin and was healing and reparative to the indigenous people of the US southwest desert.

Honey Buz Native Bee incorporates honey and hemp, along with “Cucumis melo L” a native small melon plant used widely since ancient times for healing raw skin. Combined with full spectrum hemp – CBD and CBG – this lotion provides all-natural skin protection and wellness.

This lotion is a topical for application anywhere on your face and body. Blended for sensitive skin, this all-natural lotion offers an alternative to synthetic or chemical blends. Honey Buz creates formulations offering natural care for skin and hair.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the perfect venue for Honey Buz products. Surrounded by natural plants and botanicals which are ingredients in these natural products.

The 2022 theme, “In Full Bloom” connotes good health, positive well-being, and a passion for life. Honey Buz is a brand creating health benefits for skin and hair that offer well-being and passion for natural living.

About Honey Buz - making a difference in beauty, incorporating all-natural honey, hemp, and botanicals to offer natural alternatives for beauty and skin care -hair care wellness. Available online and in specialty stores near you. Bio-degradable, sustainable, and tested for purity and compliance.
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About the Philadelphia Flower Show - bringing together nature lovers and gardeners as the nation’s largest longest running horticulture event. The 2022 Flower Show welcomes all on a journey to explore the restorative and healing power of nature and plants to improve our lives.
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