New Principled Technologies Studies Demonstrate Time Savings and Efficiency When Using Dell Prodeploy Infrastructure Suite

In tests with Dell ProDeploy Factory Configuration, Dell ProDeploy for Infrastructure, and Dell ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure, Principled Technologies (PT) found that each service offered significant time savings over having an in-house IT admin perform the same tasks.

New Principled Technologies Studies Demonstrate Time Savings and Efficiency When Using Dell Prodeploy Infrastructure Suite
Durham, NC, June 15, 2023 --( While expanding or refreshing a data center can bring a host of improvements to an organization, the IT admin time required to plan, configure, and deploy solutions can be significant. For businesses seeking to free up valuable IT resources, Dell Technologies offers ProDeploy Infrastructure Suite. PT compared the time it took an in-house IT admin to complete three deployment scenarios to the time ProDeploy services needed to complete the same scenarios. In the first scenario, server configuration, ProDeploy Factory Configuration eliminated hands-on involvement and saved 1 hour and 9 minutes of admin time per server—a potential savings of 115 hours for 100 servers, based on extrapolated data. For the second scenario, server deployment, they found that ProDeploy for Infrastructure could save over 2 hours and 13 minutes of admin time per server. Extrapolating that data for 100 servers would yield savings of 223 hours.

The third scenario focused on planning, installing, and configuring a Dell PowerEdge, PowerSwitch, and PowerStore solution in the PT data center. Both an in-house admin and Dell ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure carried out these tasks. According to the report, “We found that Dell ProDeploy Plus:

· Planned the deployment with minimal input from our in-house staff, which freed them up to focus on organizational demands and other strategic initiatives during deployment
· Reduced deployment planning by 67 percent—down to just three hours and 34 minutes—saving significant pre-deployment time for our admin as well as in totality
· Deployed our Dell Technologies solution in just one business day, needing just four hours and 17 minutes
· Reduced installation time by nearly 16 hours, or two days, compared to our admin—or in other words, deployed the solution three times as fast
With ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure, your organization can realize a faster, more efficient deployment of Dell technology with minimal impact on your in-house IT staff.”

Learn more about the first two scenarios in the report here: Read about the third scenario in this report:

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