YORC Announces Open Source Dispensing Robot

YORC Announces Open Source Dispensing Robot
San Francisco, CA, October 14, 2022 --(PR.com)-- YORC is creating an open source manufacturing automation ecosystem.

YORC's liquid dispensing robot is the first completely open source manufacturing dispensing solution.

The robot is ideal for dispensing adhesives, sealants, lubricants, potting agents, or any other liquid or paste, even those with high viscosities. The dispensing robot's software is written in Python and clients can use and modify it as they see fit. The hardware design is also in the public domain and uses readily available components, simplifying updates and maintenance.

The dispenser is available in a variety of cartesian robot and gantry configurations, with axis lengths as short as 200mm and as long as two meters. Pricing information is available on the website. Clients can customize the dispenser themselves or hire YORC to modify the design to their specifications.

YORC's dispensing robot - as well as their other open source automation offerings - leverage YORC's affordable polymer smart motor technology, controllable directly from a PC or Raspberry Pi. Clients may use Python to create complex motion control scenarios without PLCs, proprietary languages, or additional controller boards.

YORC motors are full featured industrial servos with BLDC field oriented control, onboard advanced path planning including asymmetric super-s motion profile generation, integrated encoders, force feedback, and multi-axis synchronization.

Learn more about their dispensing robot at https://yorc.global/dispensing-robot.

About YORC

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and brothers Roy and Dan Sandberg, YORC is empowering makers to build real-world automation tools for manufacturing. By leveraging open source software and hardware, commodity parts, and YORC's high performance polymer smart motors, they enable generalists to navigate the formerly siloed world of factory automation.

Learn more about YORC at www.yorc.global
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