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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. Energy Solutions Will Help the Sun Work for You

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. will be glad to share its diversified experience with its clients and professionally implement any bold project of energy independence and energy saving of your enterprise.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. Energy Solutions Will Help the Sun Work for You
Warszawa, Poland, October 22, 2022 --( Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd., which supports the principle of nature conservation and operates in the market for the construction of solar power plants in Europe and Asia, has recently put in service more than 115 MW of capacity and has concentrated its activities on the construction of new tracking systems for positioning solar panels by the movement of the sun and integrating systems accumulating energy at the moments of its excess during production.

Because of rising prices for gas, oil, coal and the threat of supply instability, more and more skeptics in European and Asian countries are becoming zealous fans and supporters of solar energy. Solar alternative electricity in many cases becomes not only a backup channel, but in certain areas can be the main channel for the supply of electricity for local enterprises. And often the issue of ecology and energy impasse is not even the main one, but the main one is the economic benefit of using solar energy at the enterprise, because the life of a solar power plant is more than 30 years and the payback period can be around 4-5 years.

Medium and small businesses, in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing their products, massively put into operation local solar power plants with a capacity of 5-15 MW on the territory of enterprises, which allows saving 30-35% on electricity by the end of the year. There are enterprises that in clear sunny weather almost completely switch to their own generated solar energy and only cover the lack of generation at peak moments of consumption from the electric power grids.

It is no secret that nowadays there are modern and more efficient panels available, allowing to place higher capacities on the same areas of the roofs of buildings and hangars of industrial premises, the installation of additional solar panel racks on industrial territories is carried out taking into account the possible placement of warehouse goods or products under the panels, which ensures more efficient use of the entire territory of an enterprise. For many enterprises, the question is no longer whether to use solar electricity, but the question is how and in what quantity it is more profitable and efficient to use solar power of their own generation and how much electricity to buy from other suppliers.

This is where Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. can offer its extensive experience, which will allow the customer to correctly calculate and plan for a specific area and for a specific consumption of an enterprise the required areas of solar panels, the correct type and location of their placement and installation at existing facilities of the enterprise, the correct range of other necessary equipment such as an inverter and an electrical transformer, and, if necessary, additional storage capacities, which make it possible to save an excess of generated energy and rationally use this energy in moments of insufficient generation due to cloudy weather. It is clear that at night it is necessary to use only electricity from other sources, but during the day to increase the use of electricity by an enterprise up to 40-70% due to its own generation of solar electricity. It is absolutely realistic that an enterprise having a territory with a complex of production or storage facilities easily arranges the installation of the required number of solar panels.

Many years of experience of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. in selecting the proper basic components, high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, passive cooling fanless inverters, dry-type oil-free transformers, as well as modern systems for monitoring and forecasting the electric energy generation, will help you to build and reliably operate the enterprise's solar power plant for many years practically without any serious maintenance and additional costs.
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