Crypto Lists Release Daily Visitor Voting for Coins and Tokens

Crypto Lists' latest addition to their fast growing site is voting functionality, allowing visitors to vote up or down every day on their favorite or least favorite coins and tokens. The new feature is available for all cryptocurrencies with a review on from Monday the 31st of October, 2022.

Crypto Lists Release Daily Visitor Voting for Coins and Tokens
London, United Kingdom, October 31, 2022 --( In an attempt to encourage voting on preferred cryptocurrencies, Crypto Lists now shows the most upvoted digital asset of the day. The new feature allows any visitor to give their thumbs up or down on up to 10 cryptocurrencies per day. By clicking on the top voted coin headline, users will be taken to see all the cryptos that have been voting on in that 24 hour period. The updated homepage will show the highest user-rated coin in a top placement, next to other featured toplists and just below the latest news coverage.

Tom White, Head of Content at Crypto Lists Ltd, encourages visitors to vote and says:

“Be part of the future of cryptocurrency. Vote on your favorite coins and tokens that you think are most useful, the best stores of value, or the most undervalued - whatever you like!”

The afternoon that the new voting functionality went live, over 90% of all votes had been done on proof of stake coins, while proof of work stood at less than 10%. Hopefully, the new feature can give indications of interesting crypto projects that may be worth looking further into. And, coins and tokens to stay away from. The coin voting is based on knowledge sharing and an attempt to further democratize the space, and help readers make more informed decisions. This is in keeping with the tagline of the site: Crypto Done Smarter.

Coin voting encourages knowledge sharing within the Web3 community, enabling both beginners and experts to find new cryptocurrency projects and rediscover established ones. Visit the official Crypto Lists site in order to vote or discover inspiring coins and tokens.
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Markus Jalmerot