Donha Egg - a Meditation Watch for Healing and Relaxing Launches Today

Donha Egg - a Meditation Watch for Healing and Relaxing Launches Today
New York, NY, November 08, 2022 --( Today Donha, a dedicated team that strives for a balance between humans and nature, launches pre-orders for the Donha Egg on Kickstarter. A tribute to Peter Henlein, the Donha Egg echoes with the world's first portable timepiece, the Nuremberg Egg, a timepiece-inspired art piece designed for those suffering from insomnia or high pressure, displaying the time without a sense of rush. The Donha Egg is available at a starting price of USD 119 on Kickstarter now.

“Time, and our perception of it, are closely linked to our rhythm; it is how energy expresses itself in time. In our busy and changing world, the state of being on time is a skill that's highly underutilized in modern living. Being punctual is essential to success in your career and life, we wanted to assist everyone stays on the right track without any pressure, laying the foundation for an evolutionary step of watchmaking,” said Donha founder James Gao. “We’d like to offer an alternative way for extraordinary ones to express their individuality while capturing moments yet stress-free.”

They feature two basic editions which come in black and silver offering you a sense of calm and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being.

The Coppertist.Wu Mehen special edition (with a snake relief) will also be starting at $199. It is inspired by Egyptian Mythology. It’s made of sterling silver symbolizing the eternal cyclic renewal with scales reflecting a fountain of splendid vibrancy beyond comprehension.

As a watch without a pointer and the appearance of a necklace, the cores of the egg are divided into upper and lower layers; the above stand for minutes and the downside stands for hours. Without an annoying ticking sound, users can easily find out the time vertically from the snake head or Donha logo.

Donha Egg displays the time along a vertical line through two rotating concentric rings. Without a ticking second hand, users can discover this exquisite wearer as if its center is turning, creating awareness on time by turning the minute pointer around the center of an axis. Weighing only 28g, the Donha Egg is ultra-lightweight, you can hang it around your neck or put in your pocket, users can also hang it on the outside of their pockets or place it on a desk.

It comes with an innovative design, Donha Egg allows you to customize a style that resonates with every moment of life, a work dedicated to creative and iconoclastic ones. “This Donha Egg is not just a tool, but a piece of art,” said Donha founder James Gao. “We created the Donha Egg with SUS316L Silver, polished and finished, and over 20 manufacturing processes to take this into account.”

All Donha Egg pre-orders will be shipped by February 2023. Media wishing to interview the Donha personnel should contact James Gao at Donha Egg is available now with special deals and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, please visit the Kickstarter campaign.
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