Color Marketing Group® Announces 2024+ European Key Color – Follow Me!

Color Marketing Group, the leading international association of color design professionals, introduced the organizations’ forecasted Key Colors at the 2022 International Summit held November 10-12 in Tucson, AZ. Color Marketing Group’s 2024+ European Key Color “Follow Me!” is a rich, high chroma, bright orange.

Color Marketing Group® Announces 2024+ European Key Color – Follow Me!
Alexandria, VA, November 14, 2022 --( Follow Me! is Color Marketing Group’s European Key Color for 2024. Emerging from research, workshops and discussions held in 2022, it is the embodiment of the Color Stories determined by the region for 2024 and beyond.

A rich, high chroma, bright orange, Follow Me! is a color that signals our awakening as we let go of old structures. The time has come to adapt our personal lifestyles and adopt new habits. We have no choice but to reduce our individual consumption and give up some of our previous wealth. A change in direction is challenging—it requires overcoming countless obstacles, but they do not stop us from reaching our destination. Follow Me! symbolizes the need for empathy, warmth and caring for people in need. It reflects the current struggles in Europe; anticipated to continue through 2024 and beyond.

We seek a new freedom by giving up our independence from old structures while creating a new togetherness. This defines our future sourcing behavior and makes the world seem smaller. Individuals, brands, and companies involved in the value chain are requested to take a sustainable and conscious stand against the consumption of short-life products that are produced using non-sustainable methods.

Follow Me! is a way forward in a world that is stressed. It focuses on action. It cries out for attention without aggression. It says, “Follow me and we will seek a way out, together.”

Follow Me! is predicted to emerge in various market sectors in the European region, such as Automotive Exteriors, Consumer Goods and Sporting Goods.

About Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast™
Color Marketing Group’s multi-industry color design professionals collaborate globally to arrive at their directional color forecast of 64 colors. These colors are supported by Color Stories that contain each color’s drivers and influences two years ahead. Four global regions, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America, each identify their Key Color from their 16 forecasted colors. The selection of the Key Color is based on the color direction of the Forecast, the importance of the color family to the Forecast, the significance of the specific color to the color direction and how the color best represents the Color Stories. Product designers across all industries have been influenced by Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast for 60 years.

About Color Marketing Group®
Color Marketing Group®, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit international association of color design professionals who forecast color directions and is a forum for the exchange of all aspects color. Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists. Color forecasting events are held throughout the world and the results from these events become part of the global World Color Forecast™ revealed at the annual International Summit. More information is available at

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