Celebrated Educator Accepts Awards for Recently Released Amazon Best-Seller

Acclaimed Author/Educator Randolph Harrison and his wife and co-creator Erica Schwarting proudly accept multiple awards for their new book, "A Guide for Aging Heroes: 30 Days to Owning the Second Half of Life."

Celebrated Educator Accepts Awards for Recently Released Amazon Best-Seller
Morganton, NC, August 07, 2023 --(PR.com)-- "A Guide for Aging Heroes: 30 Days to Owning the Second Half of Life" was recently awarded the Literary Titan Gold Book Award. The Gold Book Award is bestowed upon books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content. The award honors the crafting of elegant prose, showcasing a talent for transforming simple words into compelling, beautifully constructed text. This prestigious accolade is a tribute to books that represent an extraordinary achievement in the literary world.

Authors and publishers worldwide submitted their work to the International Firebird Book Awards. The Firebird Book Award judging panel includes a diverse group who represent a cross-section of ages, cultural heritage, races, religions, gender, and experience. Only exceptional works earn the coveted Firebird. This year, "A Guide for Aging Heroes" swept first-place awards in the categories of Aging, Health and Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, and Mind/Body/Spirit.

"A Guide for Aging Heroes" debunks stereotypes about aging and redefines it as an opportunity for a renaissance. While the first half of life is often driven by conformity and efforts to do what society deems appropriate, the second half is a chance to reinvent one's self and adopt a more meaningful and authentic way of being. Beyond the scope of typical how-to books, "A Guide for Aging Heroes" lays out a lifestyle marked by adventure, personal evolution, service, and wonder. It takes readers on a voyage of self-exploration, embracing the holistic interconnections between us all.

Daily reads include motivational anecdotes, simple instructions, and suggested activities to help readers engage in personal change. "A Guide for Aging Heroes" offers easy techniques for transforming life's emotional, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual domains. This book shines a light on a new way of experiencing the second half of life.

"For those of us at whom this book is squarely aimed, the well-structured segments require a healthy dose of self-reflection to properly navigate, but the rewards are well worth the effort. The book is disarmingly honest about our faults but courageously hopeful about our power to overcome them." - David Buzan, author of In the Lair of Legends

Randolph Harrison is a celebrated educator, member of the American Psychological Association, and former counseling therapist. He is a recipient of the prestigious Roston Endowed Teaching Chair and the WPCC Excellence in Teaching Award. Randolph has lectured on psychology and education topics in cities across the US. He is energized by exploring ideas with others. Harrison is a writer, musician, motorcyclist, sailor, fitness geek, and avid outdoor adventurer.

Erica Schwarting sees life through the lens of an artist and has an innate talent for design. She manages inclusion, well-being, volunteer, and spiritual care services for UNC Health Blue Ridge and has a certification in Inclusive Workplace Culture. Being a change agent for diversity, equity, and inclusion is deeply ingrained in her character. She has spent a lifetime working to enhance and improve outcomes for others locally and internationally. Erica has contributed to and participated in initiatives ranging from therapeutic horseback riding programs to LGBTQ empowerment events. She has competed in hundreds of races, including a Ragnar Relay in Hawaii, the Mt. Kilimanjaro Half-Marathon, and the Chicago Major Marathon.

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