"Beyond the Green" Podcast Welcomes Morristown Native Luke Darnell

A 1984 graduate of Morristown High School, Luke's journey in the entertainment industry has spanned various venues, from local theaters to iconic arenas like Madison Square Garden.

"Beyond the Green" Podcast Welcomes Morristown Native Luke Darnell
Morristown, NJ, March 15, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Sleeping Bear Productions is thrilled to announce that Luke Darnell will be joining Beyond the Green as this week's guest.

Luke Darnell, born and raised in New York City before settling in Morristown at the age of three, is a multi-talented individual known for his prowess as an actor, stuntman and musician.

His impressive career has taken him across four continents, where he has graced a variety of venues from intimate dive bars to grand theaters, and even iconic arenas such as Madison Square Garden.

Darnell's connection to Morristown runs deep, with his family's roots dating back to the early 1950s when his grandparents established their residence on South Street near Woodland Avenue. Despite his parents' retirement and relocation to Florida in 2013, Morristown remains an integral part of Darnell's identity. His family boasts a 60-year-old business within the town, and with three generations of family members attending Morristown High School, his ties to the community are profound.

"We are thrilled to have Luke Darnell join us on Beyond the Green," said Peter and Sotiri "Terry" Barbounis, hosts of the podcast and fellow Morristown High School alumni. "His journey from Morristown to various stages is truly inspiring, and we can't wait for our listeners to hear his story."

Tune in to Beyond the Green on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you find your favorite podcast on March 15, 2024 to hear Luke Darnell's incredible journey and gain valuable insights into the world of entertainment.

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