Career Highways Offers ParenTeach Innovative Course Teaching Vital Skills for Caregiver

Career Highways Offers ParenTeach Innovative Course Teaching Vital Skills for Caregiver
Chicago, IL, March 20, 2024 --( ParenTeach Institute, a charitable organization focused on evidence-based, positive parenting and caregiver education, is partnering with Career Highways, featuring their online parenting and caregiving courses on the Career Highways platform to build parenting and caregiving skills to create a healthier, safer and more productive society.

Career Highways offers a lifetime set of career development tools and content, at no cost for students and job seekers. Career Highways’ unique career visualization, a “Career Highway,” uses AI to identify and personalize career paths and provides a career map with step-by-step guidance including training, education, certifications, programs, jobs, and multiple AI career routes to career success. Career Highways partners with thousands of K-12 schools, educational providers, non-profits, and workforce development organizations.

ParentABLE, a 6.5 hour course designed for high school students interested in mastering evidence-based caregiving competencies, builds on the success of Parenting Fundamentals, a parenting education program founded in 1996. The ParentABLE course includes information about the effects of unintentional harmful caregiving, the consequences of adverse childhood experiences, the power of resilience, and positive caregiving competencies. It also aims to create a level of comfort for those seeking future parenting and caregiving resources and increase students' Social Emotional Learning Competencies.

Katharine Bensinger, CEO and Founder of ParenTeach Institute, said, “To be able to feature our content on the Career Highways platform and reach such a large and growing audience was exactly what we needed to expand our impact. By reaching youth early in their education, we equip them with positive parenting and caregiving practices that they otherwise may never be exposed to.”

According to Harvard Graduate School of Education, ParenTeach Institute's evaluation partner, after taking ParentABLE students reported they received the tools needed to positively care give, while also learning the importance of the caregiver's role in child development.

Additional information on ParenTeach Institute and ParentABLE can be found HERE.

About ParenTeach Institute

ParenTeach Institute offers a number of evidence-based positive parenting education courses for people of all ages and backgrounds. Classes can take place in person or online in many settings such as schools, hospitals, pediatric offices, community centers, therapist offices, and privately. We are constantly validating, modifying, and improving our curriculum based on research and evaluation, as well as measuring feedback from each of our participants. For this reason, ParenTeach delivers cutting-edge, innovative, universal parenting and caregiver courses that teach child development, problem-solving skills, non-violent discipline, and positive parent-child communication. ParenTeach prevents unintentional harmful parenting practices, promotes early relational health, insures healthy social and emotional development of children, strengthens families, and improves school readiness and achievement so every child can live up to their full potential.

About Career Highways

Career Highways, established in 2022, provides a no-cost lifetime set of career development tools with unique AI-based career maps, routes and step-by-step guidance. The Career Highways Career Development tools include a career interests profiler, a lifetime portfolio and resume, career exploration tools and curriculum, career path visualizations, upskilling content, and career plans, job, program, and certifications. Employers use Career Highways’ unique career visualizations and pathways to provide clarity to employees on career paths and opportunities, upskill employees and candidates, as well as source and develop a talent pool for the future of work.
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