Introduces HomeDollars, a Cash Rewards Program That Can Help Consumers Save Towards a Down Payment to Buy House

HomeDollars is an innovative new cash rewards currency that works in parallel to airline miles and points rewards programs allowing consumers to earn both airmiles/points plus HomeDollars which they can redeem towards cash for their downpayment. Introduces HomeDollars, a Cash Rewards Program That Can Help Consumers Save Towards a Down Payment to Buy House
New Canaan, CT, April 22, 2024 --( Introducing HomeDollars: The New Airmiles-Type Cash Rewards Currency for Homebuyers funded by America’s leading brands.

HomeDollars, a groundbreaking cash rewards currency, is revolutionizing the way consumers save for homeownership. The HomeDollars merchant network includes over 2,000 brand including Apple, Best Buy, Target, Netflix, Disney, Verizon, 1-800-Flowers, Nike, CVS, Starbucks, among others. HomeDollars allows you to earn $1,000’s in rewards when shopping at your favorite brands online and instore. When you're ready to buy a house, you can redeem your HomeDollars for up to $10,000 or more towards your downpayment.

HomeDollars: A New Way to Save Towards Homeownership

HomeDollars is the first-of-its-kind cash rewards currency designed to help consumers achieve their dream of homeownership. By earning HomeDollars through everyday purchases from our merchant partners, consumers can steadily save towards a downpayment on their future home. This innovative approach to saving not only makes homeownership more accessible but also rewards consumers for their everyday spending habits.

Securing a Mortgage and Finding the Right Home

Once consumers have accumulated enough HomeDollars, they can redeem them towards their downpayment, helping them secure a mortgage and find the right home. HomeDollars works with a network of trusted lending partners to assist consumers in securing a mortgage and provides personalized assistance in finding the perfect home.

Jack Loop, the founder behind HomeDollars, expressed excitement about the program's launch, stating, "HomeDollars is more than just another rewards program it; it's a game-changer for anyone looking to buy a home and can be added to any other rewards program a consumer may have”. He also stated that “he created HomeDollars to provide every consumer a simple way through their everyday purchases to take meaningful steps towards homeownership, first saving for a downpayment, securing a mortgage and finding the perfect home”.

Consumers can become members by joining our waiting list at and receive $500 in HomeDollars towards your future home purchase! When we launch, HomeDollars community members will not only start with $500 in HomeDollars, but they will also get access to special money-saving offers from our brand partners and home-buying educational insights to help move along the path to homeownership. To partner with or learn more about HomeDollars contact Jack Loop at
Jack Loop