Student-Athletes Compete for Paid NIL Deal with Small Wins Candy Company Owned by Basketball Superstar Jayson Tatum

Student-Athletes Compete for Paid NIL Deal with Small Wins Candy Company Owned by Basketball Superstar Jayson Tatum
Detroit, MI, May 16, 2024 --( Small Wins, the famed candy company owned by renowned basketball superstar Jayson Tatum, which has taken an innovative approach to the world of candy, is now pioneering the world of NIL.

The same day that Small Wins launched its product into retail stores across the country, it announced an incredible opportunity for the members of an exclusive NIL program composed of Division I Student-Athletes. This groundbreaking program, which launched earlier this year, aimed to equip young athletes with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities.The comprehensive eight-week program, which was taught by the nation’s leading experts from each field, focused on key aspects such as branding, marketing strategies, social media management, financial literacy, tax planning, networking techniques, and more.

At the end of the program, student-athletes were presented with a surprise opportunity from Pivotal Performance and its Marketing Advisor, Lauren Walsh of QC Music and Sports, to partner with Small Wins. Each student-athlete had the chance to apply their newfound knowledge in a competition for a paid marketing deal.

The partnership with Small Wins went beyond theoretical learning by incorporating practical exercises. The participants were guided through the process of contract review, including identifying crucial terms, usage rights, and exclusivity clauses. This aspect was particularly significant as many student-athletes lack access to professional agents, advisors, or attorneys for contract evaluation.

Furthermore, the program delved into the intricacies of preparing for marketing opportunities. The student-athletes were coached on setting up lighting, camera positioning, content recording techniques, and transforming raw footage into polished social media content.

The results of the campaign surpassed all expectations, showcasing the program's effectiveness in equipping student-athletes with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in today's competitive sports marketing landscape.

Across the 14 total participants, who each posted their video to their personal Instagram page, the total number of views surpassed 320,000 in just one week. They also collectively reached over 280,000 accounts, garnered over 2,000 comments, and combined for a total watch time of over 124 hours and 22,000 replays of the 14 videos. The student-athletes were advised to post the videos as Instagram Reels, which helped them collectively reach new followers, with over 71% of the viewers being non-followers. This partnership, which started simply as an experiment, resulted in increased engagement, followers, and sales for Small Wins, as well as increased followers and outside NIL opportunities for those who participated.

Check out @enjoysmallwins on Instagram to find out the winner of the campaign.

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Lauren Walsh
EVP, Branding and Marketing, Quality Control Music, QC Sports
Advisor, Pivotal Performance, Elite Student-Athlete Program

About Small Wins Candy Company:
Small Wins candies are plant-based and made with all-natural flavors, colors, and preservatives derived from fruits, vegetables, and other plant sources. And if that’s not enough, their products are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, vegan and Non-GMO. Why create a better-for-you candy brand made for kids AND adults? Because kids are important, and so are the people chasing them around. With Small Wins unique designs and characters, your mini-me’s will get just as much TLC in the good-eating department as you do. So when anyone says “Must have candy” - Small Wins has you covered.

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NIL U is a division of Pivotal Performance, a company that takes a 360 degree approach to providing the college athlete with the tools they need to navigate the entire NIL landscape. Through our strategic partners, we help our student athletes with developing their personal brand, tax and financial planning, entrepreneurship, as well as business development. We also leverage our experienced team to work with established businesses and emerging startups looking to hone in on the power of NIL to maximize their brand value and expand their reach.
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