Suabix™ Now Live; Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cutting-Edge AI Human Factors Copilot and Consulting Services for Product Development Teams

Suabix™ by Successful Human Factors™, is the first AI Human Factors Copilot for medical product teams, revolutionizing the future of healthcare and patient safety. Successful Human Factors™ is also offering AI integration services tailored to stakeholders needs, powered by Suabix.

Suabix™ Now Live; Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cutting-Edge AI Human Factors Copilot and Consulting Services for Product Development Teams
Middletown, NY, May 21, 2024 --( Successful Human Factors™ proudly announced that Suabix™, the pioneering AI human factors copilot designed to transform medical device development, is now live. After extensive refinement since its initial introduction in the summer of 2023, Suabix™ is now live and available with flexible deployment options, including expert AI human factors consulting, to meet the diverse AI needs of stakeholders.

Pioneering AI Solutions for Usability Beyond Mere Compliance

Suabix™ emerges as a groundbreaking AI solution meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of the life sciences sector. This state-of-the-art AI copilot aims to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure patient safety by incorporating a comprehensive and validated human factors engineering framework into MedTech development with the help of AI. By proactively addressing risks and usability challenges before they escalate into costly recalls, Suabix™ seamlessly integrates human factors engineering beyond mere compliance, ensuring robust and effective product development for optimal success.

Premium AI Integration Services Powered by Unique Expertise

Successful Human Factors™ introduces premium AI Human Factors Integration Consulting Services, powered by Suabix™. Under the leadership of Dr. Katia M. Rojas, Founder and CEO, the dedicated team of experts is committed to guiding clients towards unparalleled success in their healthcare product development endeavors.

"We distinguish ourselves by actively leading the AI revolution in medical human factors, rather than merely following the hype. Our AI solutions and services are not improvised; they are the result of original research and innovative work spanning the last seven years. Advancing patient safety and medical device success through human factors excellence is central to our mission," emphasized Dr. Rojas, creator of Suabix™.

Innovate with Confidence: Unlock Efficiency and Product Success with Suabix™

Case studies from firms like Boston Consulting Group highlight AI’s growing role in cost management and team upskilling. In that sense, Suabix™ represents the first and only suite of advanced AI features designed to assist medical product development teams in achieving efficiencies and excellence in human factors and usability projects.

Suabix™ leverages visual, auditory, and contextual data to deliver comprehensive AI human factors tools and guidance at every phase of product development. Featuring advanced capabilities such as Smart Templates, AI Chat, Image Analysis, Audio Transcripts, and Speech-to-Text functionality, these sophisticated AI components seamlessly integrate with established human factors and usability engineering processes. Suabix™ serves as an indispensable partner for success and excellence in medical product development.

Accelerate Healthcare Product Development with Suabix™

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