Naked Ice Cream in Palm Springs - A Fun, Cool Way to Celebrate Nude Recreation Week

Every year more and more people are celebrating America's freedoms by choosing to do it the most fun way possible by vacationing at nudist resorts or nude beaches. Nude Recreation Week reminds people that you don't have to settle for the same old boring chain hotel vacations each year. Pack light and say goodbye to funny tanlines forever.

Naked Ice Cream in Palm Springs - A Fun,  Cool Way to Celebrate Nude Recreation Week
Palm Springs, CA, July 06, 2008 --( What's better than attending an old fashioned ice cream social in sunny Palm Springs, California? How about eating the ice cream naked.

This year, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is celebrating the 33rd annual anniversary of Nude Recreation Week by having an ice cream social and your invited.

"We have always been considered the most mainstream nudist resort in America," says Mary Clare Mulhall owner of the Terra Cotta Inn with her husband Tom who also happens to be a past president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce.

"We figured, what is the one thing everyone loves .... ice cream. So just as America finished celebrating its birthday, we will be celebrating Nude Recreation Week in our birthday suits. Nothing is more decadent than eating cool, yummy ice cream on a sunny Palm Springs summer afternoon while naked," said Mary Clare.

Nude Recreation Week is sponsored by the American Association of Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society. These are the major nudist organizations in the United States. This holiday week is celebrated at nudist resorts all across the U.S, and Canada from July 7th -13th.

Topless and nude sunbathing, swimming, and skinny dipping have had a long history of popularity in our country. Presidents John Quincey Adams and Teddy Roosevelt used to go nude swimming in the Potomac river. And Benjamin Franklin enjoyed nude sunbathing by taking daily "air baths" clothes free.

Nude Recreation Week is a great way to let first timers learn about all the fun they are missing out on by not vacationing at nudist resorts. Once you shed your clothes, all of lifes daily stresses magically melt away. Clothing optional resorts are the best way to relax to the max.

According to Forbes Magazine, nude and topless sunbathing is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. And vacationing at The Terra Cotta Inn is one of the best places for first timers to have their first "au naturel" experience.

No other nudist resort compares to The Terra Cotta Inn. They work very hard to make their guests feel very comfortable. Unlike typical nudist resorts, a woman is more than welcome to go topless sunbathing until she feels comfortable nude sunbathing.

Guests love taking their summer vacations at Terra Cotta. They have a state of the art salt water pool and jacuzzi. They don't have to use all the harsh chemicals like other hotels. And with their poolside misting/cooling system, you will always feel comfortable in the Palm Springs sunshine. It is no wonder that they average over a 75% repeat guest rate which is one of the highest rates in the travel industry.

This summer, Terra Cotta is also running a "get a great all over suntan special offer" in July and August. On Monday through Thursday nights, stay 1 night, the 2nd is half priced. Rates start at $149/couple/night midweek. And if you want a week long vacation like many of the repeat guests do, weekly rates are reduced by an extra $100 to $859/couple/week. All summer long rates include complementary breakfast and afternoon snacks, early check in (10am) and late checkout (5pm), free parking, free wifi, and much, much more.

So this year, celebrate your freedom from having to wear clothes on your summer vacation. Celebrate Nude Recreation Week by joining The Terra Cotta Inn in sunny Palm Springs, CA for their ice cream social this July 12th. Or, whenever you want a nice, fun, relaxing vacation at any time of the year, give them a call at 1-800-786-6938.

Make this the year that funny tanlines become just another pleasant memory.

The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa
Tom Mulhall