In Debt: Americans Seek Debt Consulting to Negotiate Down Bills helps overextended consumers reduce credit debt by cutting what they owe and negotiating better terms.

Oradell, NJ, July 23, 2008 --( Living off home equity lines and credit cards is catching up with consumers who are turning to companies like Web Credit Advisors, Inc. to help them reduce their debt.

“Many families are sinking in debt and without this lifeline they’ll drown,” says Gerard Bacher, president and CEO of “We help consumers cut what they owe creditors and negotiate better terms so they can retire the debt and sleep at night.”

Bacher says the bulk of the consumers needing to be rescued from debt are in their 30s and 40s, but he says they’re almost evenly split when it comes to gender.

“We hear from men and women,” says Bacher. “There are many people who took home equity lines of credit or opened credit cards to afford their lifestyles and now they can’t make the minimum payments.”

His company offers a self-help guide for $9.99, available on the company’s Web site

But most people, he says, want the extra support and hand-holding to reduce their debt.

At, web credit advisors will call credit card companies with consumers on the line and talk to the right people and say the right things to slash the amount consumers need to pay and to hammer out better terms.

On average, they reduce a $5,000 bill by about half and get consumer 0% financing on the remaining $2,500 for up to 60 months. In every case the credit accounts are closed.

Web Credit Advisors charges a 20% fee on whatever the company saves the consumer. If they saved a consumer $2,500, the fee would be $500.

By negotiating relief, the consumer’s credit history always takes a hit. It’s not a perfect system, but considering the alternatives, it’s a way out.

“It’s best to not be in this position,” says Bacher. “But we offer hope and an exit strategy.”

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Robert Yanes