seca Corporation Awarded Patient Scales Sole-Supplier Contract with Premier Inc.’s SURPASS and ASCEND Purchasing Programs

seca Corporation Awarded Patient Scales Sole-Supplier Contract with Premier Inc.’s SURPASS and ASCEND Purchasing Programs

seca Corporation, the world's market leader in medical measuring and weighing announced today that it has been awarded a contract with Premier’s highly committed ASCEND (Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavor) program in the category of Patient Scales. In addition, seca was the only supplier of... - February 20, 2021 - seca Corporation

Kassoy Hires New General Manager for New Era of Gemological and Jewelry Supply

Kassoy Hires New General Manager for New Era of Gemological and Jewelry Supply

Kassoy, a company that has supplied the gem and jewelry industry with quality tools since 1936, announced today that it has brought in David Allen, as General Manager. The addition of Allen as General Manager marks the beginning of a new era for Kassoy as the company pushes ever closer to its 100th Birthday. - October 26, 2020 - Kassoy Jewelry Supply

Scientech Inc. Launches New Website

Scientech Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website. After 8 months of hard work and dedication, Scientech is delighted to officially announce the site launched on March 26, 2019. The new site is available now at the URL: The website was developed to... - March 28, 2019 - Scientech, Inc.

Local Scientific Manufacturer, Scientech, Celebrates 50th Year in Business in Boulder

Scientech celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company's founding in 2018. Scientech designs, develops and manufactures high-quality scientific measurement equipment, including electronic balances and laser power measurement equipment, in a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado, USA. All of Scientech's equipment is still made onsite. - December 31, 2018 - Scientech, Inc.

"Revolutionary" Marsden Weighing Group Scale Will Have "Huge Benefits for Patient Outcomes"

A "revolutionary" new weighing scale, invented by an NHS nurse and the first of its type in the world, will have "huge benefits" for patients, according to a member of the senior team at NHS Lanarkshire. The Patient Transfer Scale, which will be launched later this year, is... - September 30, 2018 - Marsden Weighing Group

Comark Instruments Continues Setting Industry Standards with Launch of Internet of Things Monitoring Solution: The Kitchen Manager

Comark Instruments announced today its latest HACCP monitoring product – the Kitchen Manager – a revolutionary food safety system made for food service operations powered by Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology. “With the new Kitchen Manager system, Comark is bringing smart... - May 18, 2017 - Comark Instruments

Free Brewery Weighing Guide Launched Ahead of SIBA BeerX

UK-based weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden Group, has launched a free guide for brewery weighing. - March 17, 2017 - Marsden Weighing Group

"Entry-Level Priced" Scales Will Allow Weight Readings to be Seen in Dark Places

UK-based weighing scales manufacturer Marsden Group is aiming to make weighing easier in dimly-lit environments with the launch of a new range of weighing scales. The scales, which feature a 32mm red LED weight display, can be purchased as bench, platform or pallet truck scales. Drive-through... - January 25, 2017 - Marsden Weighing Group

Top Selling Waterproof Weighing Scale "Even More Portable"

UK-based weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden has launched a new version of its best-selling bench scale, the B-100 - aimed at fruit pickers, mushroom growers and farms. The stainless steel, IP68-rated waterproof scale can now be powered by replaceable batteries, whereas the original model was a... - January 14, 2017 - Marsden Weighing Group

Two Thirds of GPs See More Than Four Cases of Obesity Every Day, According to Survey

A survey of 6000 GPs and pharmacies by Marsden Weighing Group has revealed 66% of GPs see more than four cases of obesity every day, and other findings of the UK's obesity crisis. - November 10, 2016 - Marsden Weighing Group

Scales Donation Helps Support Military Veterans with Service-Related Mental Health Conditions

A Sheffield scales manufacturer has donated a large veterinary weighing scale to a charity providing dogs to ex-servicemen suffering from the effects of mental health. South Yorkshire based Marsden gave the V-250 Veterinary Scale to Veterans With Dogs, a UK registered charity who provide dogs to... - September 09, 2016 - Marsden Weighing Group

Popular, Waterproof Bench Scale Available with Greater Capacity, Following Customer Feedback

Popular B-100 bench scale ideal for fishmongers, butchers and bakers, now available with greater capacity. - August 12, 2016 - Marsden Weighing Group

Parcelcube Innovates Inbound Logistics, Reasonably Priced Automated Dimensioning

Parcelcube Innovates Inbound Logistics, Reasonably Priced Automated Dimensioning

Parcelcube innovates inbound logistics with reasonably priced automated dimension and weight capture. Automated data capture (dimensioning systems) is essential, especially in 3PL, wholesale, and e-commerce warehousing where you have a constant stream of new products that need to be weighed, measured and registered accurately. Parcelcube is the first reasonably priced solution for this purpose. - December 01, 2015 - Dimwei Group Ltd

Senator Patrick Gallivan Visits Arcade, NY

Senator Establishes Dialogue with GenTech Scientific, Inc. - a Growing, “Fast Track” Company. - September 08, 2013 - GenTech Scientific, Inc.

GenTech Scientific Invests in WNY and the Global Scientific Community

GenTech Scientific, Inc. Honored as a Fast Track Company of WNY 2013. - July 21, 2013 - GenTech Scientific, Inc.

GenTech Scientific, Inc. Announces New Product Line for Custom Applications

Maintaining its trusted, “value-added,” service to the global scientific community, GenTech Scientific proudly introduces its new GenTech Solutions line, the answer for all applications. - February 20, 2013 - GenTech Scientific, Inc.

Weighing Equipment and Calibration Company Offers Exclusive “Qualibration” Services

Weighing Equipment and Calibration Company Offers Exclusive “Qualibration” Services

QualCal Scales and Metrology offers exclusive “qualibration” services, the ultimate solution when it comes to meeting your scale and metrology needs. - December 23, 2012 - QualCal Scales and Metrology

The Big Reveal - GenTech Launches New Look

A new year often brings a new look, but GenTech Scientific, Inc. could not wait until New Year's to reveal its extreme website makeover, including a new logo. “The new logo has a familiar feel. It incorporates foundational design elements that preserve the company's history. Yet it also... - December 11, 2012 - GenTech Scientific, Inc.

S. W. Betz Company, Inc. Announces Successful Project Conclusion with Wittenbach Business Systems

The S. W. Betz Company, Inc. ( has announced the successful project completion with Wittenbach Business Systems by surveying the company’s new warehouse and coming up with a custom solution to combine their two warehouses into one. Wittenbach Business Systems, a supplier of... - November 09, 2012 - S.W. Betz Company, Inc.

Adam Equipment Introduces Warrior Washdown Scales

The Warrior is a legend in the making. It is taking the science of weighing to new levels of strength and performance. Adam's new series of washdown scales is well-suited for the food industry and pharmaceutical processing, ideal for the production line or for clean-room environments and perfect for weighing animals of various sizes. - August 04, 2012 - Adam Equipment

seca - The Official Scale Provider for the 2012 Summer Olympics

seca (Hamburg, Germany) the global leader in medical measuring and weighing, announces it’s the official scale supplier of the 2012 Summer Olympics. With the support of one of Great Britain's largest dealers, seca scales take the front line for providing exact measurements for athletes from around the world. - July 25, 2012 - seca Corporation

Brechbuhler Scales Awarded Ohio DOT Pilot Program Contract

Brechbuhler Scales Columbus, Ohio branch is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Ohio DOT pilot program contract for wheel loader scales, in conjunction with the Loup Electronics. - June 23, 2012 - Brechbuhler Scales, Inc

B-TEK Scales Partners with iScrap App

Two cutting edge companies, B-TEK Scales, LLC and iScrap App partner for the Scrap industry. - June 17, 2012 - B-TEK Scales

Brechbuhler Scales Works with Ohio State's County Fair Programs

Brechbuhler Scales enjoys working with many state's county fair programs who help to promote youth livestock programs and strengthening tomorrow's agricultural industry. - January 28, 2012 - Brechbuhler Scales, Inc

B-TEK Scales Offers New Rugged Indicator Called the Impact

The B-TEK Impact indicator combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an instrument that is ideal for use in applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. - January 18, 2012 - B-TEK Scales

S.W. Betz Company, Inc. Named an Authorized Repair Location for Tor Rey Electronics, Inc.

The S.W. Betz Company, Inc. ( has been named an Authorized Repair Location for scales manufactured by Tor Rey Electronics, Inc. ( - November 08, 2011 - S.W. Betz Company, Inc.

Brechbuhler Scales Offers Equipment for a Portion of the Marcellus Shale Project

Brechbuhler Scales offers scales for a portion of the Marcellus Shale project. The rail track scales manufactured by B-TEK Scale weigh sand for the fracking work in Pennsylvania. - July 23, 2011 - Brechbuhler Scales, Inc

Brechbuhler Scales Breaking Ground on New Branch Location

Brechbuhler Scales, Inc., a scale service provider and distributor of over 30 manufacturers of light and heavy capacity scales, announces a new scale service branch location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Offering scale sales, full scale testing and service, manned and unmanned scale systems and scale... - March 23, 2011 - Brechbuhler Scales, Inc

B-TEK Scales, LLC is Now Offering OEM Services Nationwide

Announcing OEM (original equipment manufacture) services for all industries. - December 23, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Scales’ Southwestern Scale Dealer Location in Arizona, Fabricates Solar Powered Truck Scales

Solar powered truck scales can operate efficiently while taking advantage of the abundance of solar energy in many parts of the country. - October 09, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

New Vitronic App Offers Remote Performance Checks

Hub operators complaining they lose track of performance statistics when they leave their desks should consider Vitronic's new iPad App. It allows wireless monitoring from any location in network range. - September 30, 2010 - Vitronic

B-TEK Scales Works with Pittsburgh and Sarver Pennsylvania Brechbuhler Branches to Install Scale at Allegheny Minerals

B-TEK Scales, LLC worked directly with Brechbuhler Scales’ Pittsburgh and Sarver Pennsylvania branches to manufacture and install an MSHA compliant truck scale, complete with bolt on site sight rails. Allegheny Mineral Corp is a private company categorized under Asphalt Mining and Bituminous... - September 29, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Scales Fabricates a State-of-the-Art Digital Truck Scale for the Trumbull County Engineers in Warren, Ohio

B-TEK Scales works with Brechbuhler Scales’ Youngstown, Ohio branch to create a state-of-the-art truck scale for Trumbull Co. Engineers. The county office will offer a saving on over 30 materials from their facility by better controlling the quantities being loaded and unloaded with the new scale. - September 26, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-Tek Scales Provides Truck Scale to ConAgra Foods Morrell, Ohio Location

ConAgra Foods works with B-TEK Scale distributor, Brechbuhler Scales, to install new pit-type truck scale in an existing location. This ConAgra Foods location processes Orville Redenbacher popcorn and the scale is used in the popcorn processing facility, weighing popcorn. ConAgra Food's... - September 24, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

Vitronic Helps DHL Operate at Shutter Speed

Camera-based parcel identification technology from Vitronic mean three of DHL's Spanish distribution hubs are achieving record throughput levels. Installed above powered conveyors, five VIPAC RD systems read parcel barcodes. This makes for efficient sorting. - August 18, 2010 - Vitronic

B-TEK Scales Fabricates Custom Scale for GM Lordstown, Ohio Plant and the New Cruze

The GM Lordstown Plant is manufacturing the new Cruze sedan in the GM fleet. B-TEK Scales fabricated a custom scale for the quality control department. - July 24, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

Vitronic Enjoys Lucrative Success at Automatica 2010

The mechatronics and automation exhibition in Munich last month, Automatica, went well for Vitronic. The company displayed its system for weld seam inspection and generated some important sales leads. - July 10, 2010 - Vitronic

Vitronic Helps Interlink Express Reduce CO2 Emissions

Interlink Express is proving its commitment to the environment by cutting its road use down as much as possible. It does this by planning transit routes efficiently. At Interlink Express' Smethwick site, five Vitronic VIPAC D2 volume-measuring units help the company optimise its loading processes. - May 29, 2010 - Vitronic

B-TEK Fabricates Dual Centurion Motor Truck Scales for Liquid Asphalt Plant in Ohio

B-TEK fabricates dual Centurionmotor truck scales for liquid asphalt plant in Ohio. This is a new liquid asphalt plant that was constructed from the ground up. - May 15, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Scales, LLC Fabricates Side by Side Truck Scale Solution for Global Provider of Steel Mill Services, Located in Canada

B-TEK Scales, LLC. distributor, Alectronic Scales Inc of Ancaster, Ontario, coordinated the sale and installation of a dual truck scale solution. Because of Alectronic’s knowledge and experience working with Measurement Canada and their established relationship and proximity to the facility,... - May 15, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Scales Fabricates Solution for Brechbuhler Scales Distributor, Providing a Digital Scale Solution for Cox Paving

The Washington Courthouse Cox paving plant required a rugged truck scale to perform all of these important tasks. They looked to Brechbuhler Scales to provide a B-TEK Scales, truck scale, the most durable and reliable option for truck scales in the industry. - May 13, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Fabricates the First Custom 60’ x 11’ Full 316L Stainless Steel Motor Truck Scale

B-TEK’s custom-fabricated replacement scale constructed from 316L alloy stainless steel, was made to fit the existing scale foundation. Faced with the client’s battle with phosphoric acid corrosion; which was destroying load-out truck scales at a rate of about 1 every 5 years. B-TEK engineering was required to design a scale that could use available raw materials. - March 13, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Fabricates Custom Electro-Mechanical Scale for Specialty Steel Bar Mill Application

B-TEK worked closely with its distribution partner and a national steel mill, to design and fabricate a custom solution for weighing specialty alloy steel bars. The steel mill was experiencing unacceptable down-time due to load cell failures in existing scale equipment. - March 12, 2010 - B-TEK Scales

Vitronic Optimises Hub with Volume-Measuring Technology

Leading Spanish logistics provider, Azkar, is using Vitronic technology to measure the volume of parcels automatically at its hub in Constanti, Tarragona. It boosts throughput and makes for speedy delivery times. - January 29, 2010 - Vitronic

Custom Load-Out system for Auto Manufacturer by B-TEK Scales, LLC

B-TEK Scales in conjunction with Controls & Weighing of Tampa, Florida, provides a custom solution for a load-out system for an auto manufacturer in Alabama. - December 12, 2009 - B-TEK Scales

Galvanized Scales Replace Deteriorating Concrete Scales

Don't continue doing business with a corroding concrete deck scale. - December 12, 2009 - B-TEK Scales

Bosch Opts for Vitronic’s Inspection Technology

Bosch is using Vitronic's automated inspection system, VINSPEC, to produce its new piezoelectric car actuators flawlessly. Piezoelectric actuators to cleaner, more efficient running vehicles. At Bosch, VINSPEC inspects them at various stages of production. - December 03, 2009 - Vitronic

Hermes Opens New Nuneaton Hub

Hermes is using Vitronic technology in its new Nuneaton delivery hub to automatically identify and sort parcels. It means the company can process and dispatch thousands of parcels per hour. - November 01, 2009 - Vitronic

B-TEK Scales, LLC Provides Sight Rails to Existing Scales to Comply with Mining Safety & Health Administration Regulations

Current MSHA have many mining companies scrambling to comply with requirements of sight rails to be at least mid-axle height of the largest vehicle to cross the scale, to avoid penalties and fines. B-TEK Scales, LLC helps mining companies comply. - October 30, 2009 - B-TEK Scales

B-TEK Scales Provides Paradise Lawn with Digital Scale

B-TEK Scales provides a new digital scale to a neighboring lawn care company working with a tri-county solid waste district near Smithville, Ohio. - October 16, 2009 - B-TEK Scales

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