New Software from Quantachrome for Pore Size and Surface Area Measurements

Quantachrome Instruments announces the release of the latest version of its AS1Win software, ver 2.01. The program is Windows Vista compliant and includes new functionality including the calculation of heats of adsorption - important for new environmental applications, and is also offered in parallel as a version developed to satisfy the additional special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. - February 04, 2009 - Quantachrome Instruments

Laboratory Begins Offering Third Party Testing for Lead Content

Federal regulations on lead content in children’s product are set to take effect on February 10th, 2009. Eastern Applied Research now offers third party lead testing services so that all manufacturers, importers and retailers can know the status of their product lines. - January 29, 2009 - Eastern Applied Research, Inc.

Modulus II Microplate Multimode Reader

Turner BioSystems, Inc. introduces a new Microplate Reader for fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance applications. - January 11, 2009 - Turner BioSystems Inc

Hazardous Substance Reference Standards Developed for XRF Analyzers

Eastern Applied Research, Inc has developed a complete set of hazardous substance reference standards that can be utilized on x-ray fluorescence instruments to obtain the best possible results on hazardous substance regulation compliance testing needs. - October 13, 2008 - Eastern Applied Research, Inc.

Gold Karat Standards Available for XRF Analyzers

Eastern Applied Research, Inc has released a new line of gold (Au) karat standards. These standards are certified for all constituents and help increase the performance of any x-ray fluorescence analyzer used to determine gold purity. - August 20, 2008 - Eastern Applied Research, Inc.

Inhalable Particulate Sampling Head Now Available from Sensidyne

Newly Released Inhalable Dust Sampling Head for Use with Gilian® Air Sampling Pumps. - July 18, 2008 - Sensidyne, LP

Introducing the Gilian Challenger® Air Flow Calibrator

New Gilian Challenger® Air Flow Calibrator for Personal and Area Air Sampling Pumps. - July 18, 2008 - Sensidyne, LP

The Reliable Gilian 5000 Now Adds Programmability to Its Feature List

New Gilian 5000 Programmable Personal Air Sampling Pump is now Available Worldwide. - July 18, 2008 - Sensidyne, LP

New Gas Detection System Minimizes Maintenance While Maximizing Protection

The newest addition to the SensAlert line of fixed gas monitors — SensAlert Plus is the unique modularly expandable point gas detector that delivers the most desirable high-end features and diagnostics while minimizing the cost of ownership and maximizing current and future... - July 16, 2008 - Sensidyne, LP

Sensidyne Acquired by Schauenburg Group

Sensidyne, LP a Florida limited partnership and member of the Schauenburg Group has reached an agreement to acquire the assets of Sensidyne, Inc. - April 30, 2008 - Sensidyne, LP

New Surface Area Analyzer Models from Quantachrome

Quantachrome Instruments announces the launch of 2- and 3-sample versions of its popular Quadrasorb (4-sample) surface area and pore size analyzer. The new models retain the beneficial "each sample has its own dewar and transducer" features, but at a cost which is attractive to laboratories with smaller throughput requirements. - March 28, 2008 - Quantachrome Instruments

New for 2008 - Enhanced Surface Area Analyzer for Materials Research and Quality Assurance

Quantachrome announces that its popular NOVA series of rapid B.E.T surface area analyzers will be available in 2008 with an enhanced "calibration-free" analysis mode in addition to its already standard helium-free mode. This new versatility will make technology transfer easier in those industries where surface area measurement is a staple such as catalysts, chemicals, pharmaceutical & nanomaterials and where both techniques are commonly employed. - December 07, 2007 - Quantachrome Instruments

Industrial Hygienists Demanded Higher Back Pressure Capability

Newly Released Gilian® 5000: High Back Pressure Air Sampling Pump - June 17, 2007 - Sensidyne, LP

How Much CO2 is in the Air You Breathe – Indoors? New Airhound™ Product Tests Air Quality

There is a new solution for those looking for an inexpensive and easy method to obtain information on indoor air quality – Toxair’s AirHound.™ The comprehensive sampling system works in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner to capture an air sample. AirHound is an alternative to... - April 30, 2007 - Toxair LLC

Photovac Announces Expansion of Team

Photovac, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Lon Loken, Olga Pavleyeva, and Dennis Wrona to its team of talented professionals. Lon Loken joins the company as the Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing to strengthen Photovac’s sales efforts in both North America and... - February 08, 2007 - Photovac, Inc.

New 3-10 PSIG Pressure Sensors for Low Pressure Sensor Applications

The Controls Division of SSI Technologies Inc. introduces Series ULG - Ultra Low Gauge Pressure Sensors. - January 26, 2007 - SSI Technologies Inc

New OSHA Standard for Exposure Hexavalent Chromium

OSHA recently announced a new standard for exposure to hexavalent chromium, published on February 28, 2006 and effective 90-days from publication. Sensidyne's Gilian Air Sampling Pumps are your best solution when sampling for Hexavalent Chromium. - November 30, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Hazmat Kit Rapidly Identifies Hazardous Chemicals Using Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

Sensidyne's Hazmat III Reponse kit is the ideal tool for quickly identifying hazardous substances from unknown airborne compounds. Using two special multi-layered qualitative detector tubes and a unique color-based ID chart, the Hazmat III Response system can identify about 70 hazardous organic and... - November 30, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Sensidyne Predictive Sensor Failure Cuts Maintenance Cost in Fixed Gas Detection

Preventive maintenance for fixed gas detection relies heavily on sensor condition, history and exposure – vital data not commonly available from most gas monitors. Sensidyne’s SensAlert Plus gas monitors incorporates advanced data retrieval, time-stamped sensor activity, configurable... - November 09, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Semrock Awarded U.S. Patents for MaxLine™ Laser-Line Filters and StopLine® Notch Filters

Semrock, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-performance optical filters for the Biotech and Analytical Instrumentation markets, announced today it has been awarded two more U.S. Patents for its unique thin-film based optical filters. U.S. Patent No. 7,119,960 offers formal protection for... - October 13, 2006 - Semrock, Inc.

Semrock Releases 2006-2007 Catalog

Semrock, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-performance optical filters for the Biotech and Analytical Instrumentation markets, today announced the release of its new 48-page full-color catalog for 2006-2007. - September 08, 2006 - Semrock, Inc.

Introducing BrightLine Clinical Fluorescence Filter Sets - A Dramatic Advance in Clinical Microscopy

New BrightLine Clinical fluorescence filters deliver hard coated-performance at a soft-coated price. - September 07, 2006 - Semrock, Inc.

Semrock Introduces RazorEdge® Short-wave-pass Raman Filters

Semrock today announced that a significant technology breakthrough has led to the introduction of the highest performance short-wave-pass thin-film filters available today. - February 10, 2006 - Semrock, Inc.

Science & Biotechnology Combine to Unite Jerusalem

A conference scheduled for June 26-28 of this year will unite minds on both sides of the wall in Jerusalem. The conference, entitled “Basal Ganglia, Dopamine and Learning: Integrating Computational and Clinical Perspectives,” is a meeting of top neuroscientists from Europe, North America and... - May 10, 2005 - Alpha Omega

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