Chem-Ecol’s Oil Reclaiming Systems Restoring ISO Cleanliness Levels

Leading oil purification specialists, Chem-Ecol, have announced they are having great success with their latest cutting edge mobile oil purification system which is helping organizations restore oil to ISO quality cleanliness levels. This level of oil restoration ensures that in-house productivity... - May 18, 2012 - Chem-Ecol

Chem-Ecol Helping Companies Reduce Oil Recovery Costs with New On-Site Solution

Buffalo, NY based oil purification specialists Chem-Ecol have announced the introduction of a new on-site oil recovery solution that is set to revolutionize the oil purification field. Now, companies will no longer have to send oil away to be recycled for reuse, helping them to consolidate costs in... - May 18, 2012 - Chem-Ecol

Fountain Quail Named Finalist for "Company of the Year"

2012 Global Water: Oil & Gas Awards to be presented May 22 in Dubai. - May 17, 2012 - Fountain Quail

Platinum Control Technologies Participates in Natural Gas STAR Program; Helps Oil & Gas Companies Increase Efficiency and Environmental Stewardship

With the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current proposed regulations expected to be adopted later this year, Platinum Control Technologies is committed to helping customers facilitate compliance. Platinum has been listed to the Service Provider Directory for Natural Gas STAR, a voluntary partnership that encourages oil and gas companies to adopt proven, cost-effective technologies that improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions. - May 11, 2012 - Platinum Control Technologies

Spartan Controls Named Exclusive Distributor in Canada for Platinum Control Technologies Burner Management Systems

Spartan Controls is now the exclusive distributor for Platinum Control Technologies for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Platinum Control manufactures a technologically advanced burner management system (BMS) that helps oil and gas companies improve safety, productivity and compliance. - March 27, 2012 - Platinum Control Technologies

Summit Energy Services Certified by Better Business Bureau

BBB Gives Williston Oil Services Company A- Rating - March 24, 2012 - Summit Energy Services

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley Gives Follow-Up Interview on the Big Biz Radio Talk Show with Updated Information on Recent Developments in North Dakota

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley Gives Follow-Up Interview on the Big Biz Radio Talk Show with Updated Information on Recent Developments in North Dakota

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley shares progress updates with Big Biz radio talk show. - February 25, 2012 - Luminart

Luminart Corp. Launches 1st of Many Radio and T.V. Interviews to Share in Depth Information and Updates About the Company's Progress in North Dakota

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley gives exclusive interview on the Big Biz radio talk show. - February 21, 2012 - Luminart

Luminart Corp. Signs 4 Month Contract with Big Biz Radio

These interviews will inform the radio station's average 2,000,000 listeners of the company's current successes as well as the outlook for projected growth and expansion. President Burke Bentley is excited about the opportunity to work with the Big Biz show to inform the public about the... - February 15, 2012 - Luminart

Summit Energy Services Controller Becomes Certified Public Accountant

Amanda Volk passes North Dakota State Board of Accountancy CPA Exam. - January 27, 2012 - Summit Energy Services

1st NRG Corp Operational Update

1st NRG Corporation (OTCBB: FNRC.PK) provides an update on the results of operations in Wyoming Powder River Basin. - January 23, 2012 - 1st NRG Corp

Summit Energy Services Promotes Will Reedy to COO

Hired for Business Development in March, 30-year-old already named Chief Operating Officer of $36 Million Business. - December 30, 2011 - Summit Energy Services

Fountain Quail Welcomes State's Encouragement of Recycling

RRC Chairman Jones' support of wastewater recycling good for industry, Texas. - December 01, 2011 - Fountain Quail

Buffalo, Wyo., Company Makes Top 21 List for Federal Oil Spill Response

LBI Renewable’s bioremediation product, DUALZORB, was recently listed as one of 21 products to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements for use in emergency oil spill response. - November 10, 2011 - LBI Renewable

Repsol at North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Crucial for Energy Panorama That Europe Increase Its Involvement in North Africa

European countries may need to increase their involvement within the internal sustainable development of North African countries to maintain and improve relations, which are crucial in the European energy panorama. This is according to Ferdinando Rigardo, Repsol’s Regional Executive Director... - October 24, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Zalmay Khalilzad to Address the Next Steps for the Region

North African countries, such as Libya, that have undergone major transformation, need to review their legacy laws and regulations and, if necessary, make amendments or write new ones says Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr Khalilzad is a heading up a... - October 22, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Region Ready for New Business and Investments

With oil flows in Libya resuming soon and as well as security levels and operations across the region, the annual North Africa Oil & Gas Summit will gather more than 350 leading stakeholders in the region’s industry in Madrid from 25-27 October. The director of the North Africa Oil &... - October 20, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

Fountain Quail Wins Prestigious Environmental Award

IOGCC’s Stewardship Award recognizes excellence in oil and gas industry. Fountain Quail earned its latest industry accolades when the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission presented its 2011 Chairman’s Stewardship Award to the company at its annual meeting in Buffalo on Monday. The... - October 19, 2011 - Fountain Quail

UBK Resources Co. Announces Agreement to Merge with UBK Resources S.R.L. Bolivia

Two companies have entered into a Share Exchange agreement. Together, the merged company will explore and develop natural resources in Bolivia. - October 07, 2011 - UBK Resources Co.

Obama Administration Seeks to Eliminate Special Tax Breaks for Oil and Gas Firms, such as GeoDynamics Inc.

The Obama Administration submitted the American Jobs Act of 2011 to Congress on September 12, 2011. The act contains language that would repeal subsidies, eliminate tax credits claimed for foreign sales and operations, and do away with a variety of manufacturing deductions taken by oil and gas... - October 02, 2011 - GeoDynamics Inc.

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: ETAP’s Mohamed Akrout to Speak About Investment Opportunities in Tunisia

The President and CEO of the National Oil Company of Tunisia (ETAP), Mohamed Akrout, says Tunisia has maintained an image of a safe investment region in the post-Arab spring era by maintaining a good relationship with all investors in the oil & gas and the energy sector. - October 01, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

Risk Consultant Charles Gurdon to Addresss North Africa Oil & Gas Summit in October

The Libyan National Transitional Council will undoubtedly favour companies from those countries that have supported it and French and British companies could do particularly well during the country’s economic reconstruction says Charles Gurdon who is the Managing Director of the London-based... - August 28, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

New NOC Heads to Gather for North Africa Oil & Gas Summit in Madrid

For the first time since the crisis in North Africa, new leaders of regional national oil companies (NOCs) will meet in Madrid for the 6th annual North Africa Oil & Gas Summit, from 26-27 October to talk about investment in the oil and gas industry in the region. Some 350 oil and gas industry... - August 24, 2011 - North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

Fountain Quail Expands Operations to Eagle Ford Shale

Leading wastewater recycler Fountain Quail, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aqua-Pure Ventures, will enter South Texas shale play as subcontractor to NAC Services. - June 25, 2011 - Fountain Quail

Fountain Quail Awarded Operating Permit for Eagle Ford Shale

Leading wastewater recycler Fountain Quail, a wholly owned subsidiary of Calgary-based Aqua-Pure Ventures, free to enter South Texas shale play immediately. - June 23, 2011 - Fountain Quail

Global Oil Flow Expands Distribution to Indonesia

Global Oil Flow International announced today, its partnership with PT Instrucom of Indonesia. The partnership develops value to Global Oil Flow's position in the International markets. This agreement comes on the heels of the joint efforts between PT Instrucom and Global Oil Flow to secure the contract for the significant Well Head Compression Project led by PT Chevron of Indonesia. - May 27, 2011 - Global Oil Flow, LLC.

Aqua-Pure Ventures Named to Artemis Project™ Top 50 Innovators List

Leading wastewater recycling company, Aqua-Pure Ventures, honored for second consecutive year by The Artemis Project. - May 18, 2011 - Fountain Quail

Fountain Quail Sees Growth Opportunities as Marcellus Drillers End Current Water Discharge Practices

Fountain Quail Water Management, the leading recycler of industrial wastewater in North America, expects decision by Marcellus drillers ending current water discharge practices to accelerate opportunities for its technology. - May 05, 2011 - Fountain Quail

Tundra Gas Safely Evacuates Tokyo Head Office

Tundra Gas Inc has evacuated its Tokyo head office and shifted its Japan-based staff to temporary facilities in nearby Yokohama. Telephone numbers and internet resources have been redirected to new offices. “We are fortunate to report none of our colleagues have been harmed by recent events,... - March 18, 2011 - Tundra Gas Inc

GeoDynamics Expects Crude Oil Prices to Significantly Rise

GeoDynamics Inc. is a privately owned independent oil and natural gas company based in Colorado with a top priority of locating and developing new sources of energy in the country’s domestic oil fields and natural gas fields. The company uses a unique exploration model, which is successful,... - March 16, 2011 - GeoDynamics Inc.

Synergy Oil, LLC Success in Oil and Gas Investments

Synergy Oil, LLC established by Tony Pistilli in 2009, is recognized as a successful Oil Investment Company, that can help you create, protect, and enhance your unique investment objectives in the Energy Sector. Tony Pistilli adds value and years of experience to Synergy Oil's strategy-driven... - March 09, 2011 - Synergy Oil, LLC

Fountain Quail, Layne Christensen Announce Alliance

Fountain Quail Water Management and Layne Christensen, two leading companies in the energy industry, join forces to provide shale gas wastewater treatment. - January 26, 2011 - Fountain Quail

GeoDynamics Drills First Well in Denver-Julesburg Basin

Colorado could be on the verge of a huge oil find, similar to the gushers of the days of yore, in the Denver-Julesburg Basin northeast of Denver. Colorado-based oil drilling company GeoDynamics, Inc conducted initial reviews of the area during the summer of 2010. As of January 2011, GeoDynamics has... - January 14, 2011 - GeoDynamics Inc.

GeoDynamics Inc is Ready to Expand by Offering Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities

"Oil looks like one of the big investments of 2011. Investors want to get in fast and get in early. Any way you look at it, oil is going to be in demand this year," reports Carl Larry, president of Oil Outlooks and Opinions LLC, Houston. While GeoDynamics does not sell or offer securities, the opportunity, after due diligence, to accept a joint venture partnership with this company can be a valuable investment at this critical time. - January 10, 2011 - GeoDynamics Inc.

Breitling Royalties Announces Availability of B-R Jonah Oil & Gas Royalty Property

Breitling Royalties Announces Availability of B-R Jonah Oil & Gas Royalty Property

Breitling Royalties announces availability of B-R Jonah Oil and Gas Royalty Property with 4,150 producing wells in 9 counties throughout Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. - December 28, 2010 - Breitling Royalties

Fountain Quail to be Featured at Global Shale Gas Summit

Attendees of the Global Shale Gas Water Management Initiative 2010 will hear from Fountain Quail's COO and tour its state-of-the-art facilities. - October 22, 2010 - Fountain Quail

UC Hub Update on Operations

To inform the current status of UC Hub and its operations. - October 18, 2010 - UC Hub

Fountain Quail Expands Recycling Capacity in Marcellus Shale by 50 Percent

Water recycler adds third NOMAD unit to treat shale gas drilling wastewater in Pennsylvania. - September 22, 2010 - Fountain Quail

Global Maritime Enters Trinidad & Tabago Market

Global Maritime Solutions and TOSL Engineering, Trinidad, Sign MOU. - August 01, 2010 - Global Maritime Solutions, LLC

Fountain Quail Already Exceeding 2011 Treatment Targets for Flowback, Produced Water from Shale Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania

Water recycler meeting stringent new Pennsylvania IRRC regs, in partnership with Eureka Resources. - July 28, 2010 - Fountain Quail

Tierra NRG S.A.S. Retains Mineria Polaca to Conduct Mining Development and Production Plans for Boyaca/Socha Mining Opportunities

Tierra NRG SAS, a Colombia based metallurgical coal mining company, today announced it has retained Mineria Polaca S.A., to prepare design development and engineering plans for Tierra NRG’s Boyaca/Socha area mining opportunities. Mineria Polaca is the premier underground metallurgical coal... - May 30, 2010 - Tierra NRG SAS

SOR® 1540 Level Switches Directive 55 Compliant

SOR® 1540 level switches are designed for harsh environments and hazardous process materials where rugged components are critical. Now, with the new self-returning manual check feature for 1540 level switches, users can verify switch integrity without ever removing the units from the vessel. - May 20, 2010 - SOR Inc.

Tierra NRG Achieves Milestone in Colombian Metallurgical Coal Business

Tierra NRG SAS today announced it has reached a milestone in its Colombian metallurgical coal business. This milestone reflects the development of a metallurgical coal operations platform and features the completion of initial due diligence and planning for select metallurgical coal opportunities... - April 30, 2010 - Tierra NRG SAS

Heartland Energy of Colorado Announces Otto Hansmeyer #1

Heartland Energy Colorado announces the inception of Otto Hansmeyer #1 in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. The well was spudded this morning and is scheduled to be drilled to a total depth of 7,500 feet to test the Simpson Sands. - April 19, 2010 - Heartland Energy Development Corporation

Oil and Gas Industry Veteran Michael McGhan Joins Freestone Resources as Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

Freestone Resources, Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!fsnr (FSNR 0.25, +0.03, +11.11%) is pleased to announce that Michael McGhan has officially joined the Company as the Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. McGhan will serve in this capacity in order to provide his knowledge and expertise... - March 04, 2010 - Freestone Resources, Inc.

SOR®1500 Series Electric Level Switches Now Available with CSA/US Explosion Proof Approval

SOR is pleased to announce the addition of CSA/US explosion proof certifications to the 1500 series electric level switch product line. - February 11, 2010 - SOR Inc.

"Haynesville" the Movie Now Available on

"Haynesville" the Movie Now Available on

"Haynesville," a documentary about shale gas production is now exclusively available on - January 04, 2010 -

Pacific Sunset Resources Inc Names Ryan Colgrove as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Today Pacific Sunset Resources Inc., a privately held Nevada Incorporation, announced that they have named Ryan Colgrove, as Chief Executive Officer of the company effective immediately. Founders of the company publicly announced and declared the acceptance to the media on December 21, 2009. - December 29, 2009 - Pacific Sunset Resources, Inc.

Penneco Landowner Expresses Patriotism with Well

A woman and Penneco, an oil and gas exploration company, teamed up to express their patriotism by painting a well on the woman’s property the colors of the American flag. - November 14, 2009 - Penneco Oil Company

WWXploration Launches Online Energy Investment Resource Center

WWXploration, an independent oil and gas company based in Houston, has launched an online resource center geared towards educating visitors about oil and gas investment. Located at, the website offers a video describing the truth about oil and gas, the latest energy commodity... - November 13, 2009 - WWxploration

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