Pokerice is an online venture, best known for its environmental friendly team that try to communicate their message for saving the planet and gather funds in order to serve their ecological cause: Save the Planet. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and Trademark was filed on October 1, 2009.

Pokerice team decided to find ways to fund their cause, so they combined their love for Poker and the word "Ice" to create, driven by their will to fulfill their noble cause of helping the environment. Thus, they decided to launch websites around the world that will contribute to their project by offering the revenues primarily to saving the planet and secondary to people that need them, as for example, the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.

International Teams - Websites

Pokerice Team managed to launch websites for UK Citizens, Italy, Greece, France, Sweden and more countries to come in the future such as Norway, Romania, Switzerland etc., where their action and contribution is announced through press releases.

Pokerice Facebook Application

In November 2009, Pokerice announced one more effort to enhance their cause of saving the planet: Pokerice Facebook Application, a poker application in Facebook, where all players will not only spend their time playing against friends but will also be contributing in enviromental policy of Pokerice, which will donate the revenue made of the application to all their noble causes.[4]

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Play poker online to Save the Planet and the Iceberg

Our Poker Ice Facebook application is made to be Green and environmental friendly.

As a way to contribute in saving our planet earth and the Iceberg, different measures were put into action, not to mention the ability to sacrifice time, money and human force to rescue our globe, or shall I say, what’s left of it!

When cars’ manufacturing giants and large production companies announced their will to go green by reducing toxics, things looked like a miracle that’s impossible to achieve; however, with the new inventions and the development of technologies, going green is evolving massively, but slowly. Nonetheless, an increase in “Go Green” at a slow tempo is still considered as a triumph for the battle between Nature and Human waste (gas, fuel, toxics, acids, carbon…).

Going green with is not only a matter of reducing smokes coming out of cars exhausts, industries’ outlets or petroleum filters; it also consists on recycling what looks like a potential material to be reproduced and re-fabricated in order to reduce both, cost and pollution. Cleanliness is a major fact in the Poker Ice process, since nature is sometimes incapable of decompose certain materials dropped by humans carelessly.

Why Poker Ice?

Pokerice was founded in 2005. Since then, the whole group of efforts and density of researches are aimed to one principle goal; Going Green is not just a matter of reducing pollution, but is also a way to extend the existence of humans upon the planet earth. The increased volume of pollution, throughout the years, has been accompanied by a decline in the number of forests, trees and natural landscapes and that itself, is considered as a loss of the most important health factors in the world, since trees and other plants are known and credited for supplying oxygen, and reducing the flow of Carbon in the air that we breath.

Private Company

Company History


Early Years
Pokerice was founded in 2005 by Toni Parker with the launch of an environmental friendly campaign to save the planet and the icebergs. The main vision was that each city in the world will have a Pokerice team that will compete with and try to get green ratings for their environmental contributions. The ultimate goal is to gather donations and contribute in saving the planet against Global Warming and Glacial Melting.

Toni Parker, gathered his friends and made a team that transmitted the message of contribution in the planet.Different measures were put into action, not to mention the will to sacrifice time, money and human force to rescue our globe. This small group of people, sharing the love of nature and ecology, put their efforts and density of researches to aim to one primary goal; Going Green, as it is not just a matter of reducing environmental pollution, but it is also a way of extending human existence upon planet Earth.


Pokerice team is attending conferences related to Environmental Policy and tries to cooperate with organizations such as Greenpeace, not only in US, but also in Europe.