Masons Underground

Masons Underground
Masons Underground

A New Clothing Revolution!

Mason’s Underground designers, Girish Karnani and Parth Sharma graduated from Tufts University and Georgetown University, respectively, with paralleled dreams. Both men entered the working world and were not impressed with the standard button down shirts they found in stores. “It was impossible to find a button down shirt that was not too long or too boxy in the fit,” comments Girish Karnani.

Both Girish and Parth discovered in one another a shared passion for entrepreneurship and for fashion. Together they launched their first line, 191 Unlimited, in 2004.. They found great success with their updated take on men’s upscale apparel; everything from button down long sleeve shirts that enhance the male shape to short sleeve polo shirts. The designs took professional-wear to another level with unique cuts and patterns.

Masons Underground is Karnani’s and Sharma’s second line, launched in 2006. This new line takes many more fashion risks with punk rock and graffiti inspired influences. Masons Underground caters to fashion conscious men and women, ages 16-34. According to Girish Karnani, “With the Masons Underground’s holiday 2006 line, the fits are perfect, the prints are bold and each garment is full of fun and intricate details.”

Commenting on their Spring 2007 line, “We took the Spring 2007 Masons Underground collection to the next level. We introduced new fabrics, new washes, more detailed screens and embroideries and increased the number of girl’s pieces in the line. Specialty retailers have already gone deeper into this line then ever in the past. Everyone is going to want to wear a Masons Tee next spring.”

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