Turn your bath into an Organic Spa.

At EclipseSpa we are dedicated to creating organic bath & body essentials for you to create the ultimate spa experience at home with organic, healthy, and natural goodness.

EclipseSpa is more than a company; it is a philosophy, one that embraces life in a natural and organic way leading to your own personal spa experience at home. All of our herbs and most of our additives are certified organically grown. They are not fumigated, irradiated, sulfured, or sprayed. EclipseSpa uses natural raw ingredients and the products are never tested on animals. Every time you use an EclipseSpa product have confidence it is void of any ingredients known to be harmful to your body.

We want you to Escape, Rejuvenate and Celebrate life with our carefully crafted products, and for you to take the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasure.
Share the journey with us while we continue to create and provide you with the necessary elements for your home spa experience.


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Company History

After 26 years in the dental field, Anne Keefe knew it was time for a change. While enjoying spa trips through out the United States and Europe, she wanted to find ways to share her experiences with friends and family. Spa experiences though, should be healthy. And after doing hundreds of hours of research, Anne found that some of the products that we put on our skin in the pursuit of good health contain known carcinogens. Anne decided to start her own line of spa products that would recreate some of her favorite spa experiences, but with the benefits found from using only organic ingredients.