Lo-Down Entertainment

Lo-Down Entertainment

Capitalizing on the consistent growth in the Music and Entertainment industry which is currently valued at almost $40 billion, Lo Down Entertainment (through the Lo Down Record Label) is poised to enter the market as an innovative and different independent label.

In the current market, the four major record labels (Sony, Universal, BMG who recently purchased EMI, and Time Warner) have 85% of the market share (accounting for $34 billion in revenue). That leaves the remaining 15% to the hundreds of independent record labels . Although that may not seem like a tremendous opportunity, that 15% accounts for almost $6 billion in annual music sales.

But as the Recording Industry Association of America, these market shares are slowly changing. Many artists once represented by major labels (Madonna, Prince, and P. Diddy) have branched out to start their own, independent labels. New and upcoming artists are continually attracted to these independents because of what they offer—more intimate relationships, better contracts, and greater flexibility in style and sound. 

As a new independent label, Lo Down Entertainment promises just that. But, unlike almost all of the other independent labels, Lo Down Entertainment will provide cross-genre selection. Their goal is to develop a comprehensive music catalog that covers the spectrum of genres and demographics. In doing so, Lo Down Entertainment will be able to capture revenue from the market share of each genre.


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