Company History


ForTest designs and manufactures leak testing and flow testing equipment. Always with an eye on innovation, since 2012 the company has been based in Modena in the former Maserati factories and boasts clients in Italy and around the world, working in many sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, oil hydraulic, irrigation, mechanical, electronics, biomedical and packaging.

Touch the partnership | We don't sell products, but solutions built in collaboration with our clients. Our equipment is designed for a vast range of applications, in-process and post-process, to guarantee excellent performance even in the most difficult conditions. We develop abroad through networking with local companies.

Touch the testing technology | The innovative technologies on our leak testing instruments aim to obtain the most stable, precise and repetitive measurements currently on the market.

Touch smart | Our leak testers are supported by the most modern IT systems, to always provide the best response to your test problems.

Touch fast | Testing has never been so easy thanks to the incredible pneumatic and measurement performance.

Touch easy | The extremely easy use gives to our equipment that competitive edge, also thanks to the new intuitive touch screen keyboard, ensuring fast implementation and without any technical training. Install, use, test.