Huskie Tools, LLC

Huskie Tools, LLC
Huskie Tools, LLC

Born and Raised in Chicago nearly 50 years ago, Huskie Tools was started because of an industry need for better-engineered, longer-lasting, and safer linemen tools. Over the years, Huskie Tools has benchmarked itself as a category leader in providing the utility industry with an unmatched range of product solutions, including battery-powered cutting and crimping tools, presses, pumps, dies, manual tools, the TiiGER™ pole puller, and the Bulldog Bender™ for men & women working in all facets of the energy industry.

Whether above the ground or below the road, Huskie Tools is the top-tier North American manufacturer of crimping, cutting, bending, and pulling tools for the lineman industry and has been supplying state-of-the-art technology to these warriors of the weather & wire for many years. Whether it’s standard installation, repairs & maintenance, grid upgrades, or cleaning up after a disaster, they have what it takes to get the job done right. Huskie Tools, industry-wide, is known for providing tool options that give you “The Power to Choose.”

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