Mobile Mark Upgrades LTM Series Antennas with LTMWG946 for 6X WIFI 6E

Mobile Mark’s new LTMWG946 is an upgraded version of the LTM 900 Series. It combines 11-antenna elements: 4x 5G Sub-6, 6x WiFi 6E and a GNSS element in one attractive antenna housing. - April 30, 2022

Mobile Mark Features Vehicle Antennas for DSRC and C-V2X at ITSCA 2021

Antennas designed by Mobile Mark have been used in DSRC (dedicated short range communication) and C-V2X trials around the world. These antenna solutions have been popular for both V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) applications. At the upcoming ITS California exhibition... - September 02, 2021

Newly Released: Mobile Whip Antenna Solutions for LMR & Public Safety Networks

Mobile Mark has a wide range of traditional Land Mobile Radio whip-style mobile antennas, and brand new to this antenna line is the Wideband A1811WB(S) and the UHF A15HD450WBB whip antenna. - March 04, 2021

Mobile Mark Announces Wireless Antenna Solutions for CBRS Private LTE

For Networks using the 3.5 GHz Band, including band 48 CBRS in the US and other 3.5 GHz networks around the world, Mobile Mark now offers a range of antenna solutions that help network designers configure a unique CBRS Private LTE network. Antenna styles include Infrastructure, Fixed Site, and... - February 05, 2021

Extremely Low Profile Impact Resistant WiFi Antenna

Available now, the HD4-2400, a heavy duty WiFi6 ready antenna designed for Fixed M2M applications. - November 22, 2020

New Nexus Low Profile Omni-Directional Mobile Antenna Features 4 WiFi Connections

Mobile Mark, Inc. has introduced the NEXUS series (NXD-W), a new low profile omni-directional Mobile Antenna. The new antenna features four separate WiFi antenna elements in a small, heavy-duty radome. The antenna provides coverage on both 2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz. This allows the antenna to... - October 30, 2020

Mobile Mark Announces Wireless Antenna Solutions for Mining in Vehicle Control and Fleet Tracking

Mining takes place in very difficult and remote environments. Mobile Mark offers several private network infrastructure and vibration resistant vehicle antenna solutions for mining that are ideal for mining industry environments. These antennas are available in many different styles including:... - June 24, 2020

Mobile Mark Announces Antenna Solutions for M2M Infrastructure & Industrial IoT

Mobile Mark offers a number of covert, rugged, omnidirectional and directional site antenna solutions for M2M Infrastructure and Industrial IoT units. - May 21, 2020

Tri-band Mobile Antenna for Public Safety P25 Radios Available from Mobile Mark

Mobile antennas for Public Safety P25 radios need to operate on three bands: VHF, UHF and 700/800 band. - May 10, 2020

Critical Information is Transmitted Using Mobile Mark's LTM302 Multiband Antenna at Temporary Medical Facilities

There’s a lot to coordinate when temporary hospitals are set up. One small piece of a successful installation is the ability to share vital information, which requires the use of a reliable antenna at temporary medical facilities. When NHS Nightingale Hospital’s temporary 4,000 bed... - April 19, 2020

Mobile Mark Offers Low Profile VHF Antenna Solutions for LMR and Public Safety

New to the Mobile Mark LMR antenna line is the Low Profile LPD series, which will be one of their antenna solutions for LMR and public safety. This series is specifically designed for transit vehicles that require overhead clearance and a wider bandwidth. This antenna features VHF and operates at... - April 04, 2020

Broadband Sub-Station Antenna for Smart Grid Systems Featured at Distributech 2020

Mobile Mark’s increasingly popular blade-style antenna for Smart Grids combines two broadband Cellular LTE elements and one GPS element in a slim, compact radome. The antenna is designed to be mounted on Utility Cabinets or NEMA boxes. - January 25, 2020

Mobile Mark Introduces Vehicle Antenna Solution to Ford Installation Challenge

Mobile Mark’s stylish and functional narrow footprint vehicle antenna solution answers the installation problem posed by the new Ford Explorers & Interceptors. The roof ribs on the new 2020 Ford Explorers & Interceptors are more closely spaced than those of earlier models. This... - January 15, 2020

Mobile Mark's New Antenna Infrastructure Mounting Bracket Allows 2xMIMO Installation for Sub-6 Log Periodic Antennas

Mobile Mark Antenna Company now offers a 2xMIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) infrastructure solutions for Sub-6 networks from 600-6000 MHz. The solution is a dual antenna and mounting system which is rugged, compact and easy to install. The two Log Periodic (Yagi style) antennas are attached... - October 23, 2019

Mobile Mark's LTM508 is a Wide-Band Antenna Solution for Fleet Management Installations

Mobile Mark’s LTM508 Multiband Antenna responds to the growing interest in antenna solutions for fleet management that cover the entire sub-6 frequency band from 600-6000 MHz. These “6-2-6” antennas make it possible to connect to any of the current or planned cellular frequency... - October 17, 2019

Mobile Mark Offers Dual-Carrier Antenna Solution for Fleet Management Installations Covering LTE, WiFi and GNSS

Mobile Mark 9-cable LTMG944 Multiband Antenna is designed for the new 5G-ready Routers & Gateways covering Dual Carrier 4xLTE MIMO, 4xWiFi MIMO, and GNSS. This 9-in-1 dual-carrier antenna solution model expands Mobile Mark’s LTM Series that has become the industry standard for Public... - October 11, 2019

Mobile Mark Featured Bi-Directional Blade Antenna at ITS America 2019

At the recent ITS America exhibition in June 2019, Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions featured multiple antennas that are well suited for the current wave of DSRC and C-V2X trials, including their slim-profile V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) DSRC bi-directional blade antenna. According to Mobile... - June 19, 2019

Mobile Mark Features Vehicle Antennas For DSRC & C-V2X Trials at ITS America 2019

Antennas designed by Mobile Mark have been used in DSRC (dedicated short range communication) trials around the world. These antenna solutions have been popular for both V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) applications. - June 06, 2019

Mobile Mark’s New Wideband Log Periodic Antenna Solution Covers 600MHz-6.0GHz

The redesigned Y42700WB Log Periodic Antenna from Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions, now provides wideband coverage from 600-6000 MHz. This antenna provides coverage across all Cellular bands, from the new Band 71 at 600 MHz up to the former WiMAX bands at 2.7 & 3.5 GHz. The Y42700WB is also... - May 14, 2019

Mobile Mark Offers MaxFin Mobile Antenna for Fleet Management & FirstNet

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions has introduced a new FirstNet & Multiband Fleet Management Mobile Antenna in the sleek, aerodynamic “MaxFin” housing. The MXF702 features a stylish combination of matte & polished finish and provides a sleek, high-tech look on the vehicle. This... - May 11, 2019

Low-Profile Combination FirstNet, UHF & GNSS Surface-Mount Antenna Introduced by Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions has introduced a new low-profile combination antenna (LLPG304 Series) that covers LTE & FirstNet, UHF and GNSS. This 3-cable surface mount antenna is designed specifically for Public Safety applications. The Broadband Communications element covers 694-4200 MHz,... - March 02, 2019

Stylish UHF Surface-Mount Antenna Introduced by Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions has introduced a new UHF surface-mount antenna in the sleek, aerodynamic “MaxFin” housing. The MXF-450 features a stylish combination of matte & polished finish and provides a sleek, high-tech look on the vehicle. The antenna covers 440-470 MHz with 2... - February 16, 2019

New 5G-Ready 9-Cable LTM Series Multiband Antenna Solutions Cover Dual Carrier 4xLTE MIMO, 4xWiFi MIMO And GNSS

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions unveils the 9-cable LTM944 Series Multiband Antenna for the latest generation of 5G-ready Routers & Gateways covering Dual Carrier 4xLTE MIMO, 4xWiFi MIMO, and GNSS. - November 17, 2018

Mobile Mark Antenna Company’s VP of Marketing, Ellie Sylvan, Honored with Women of M2M Award

Ellie Sylvan, of antenna company Mobile Mark, Inc. was recently recognized as a 2018 Connected World Women of M2M (WoM2M) in Marketing, also called the Women of IoT in Marketing. The women who receive this honor are those who, in the IoT (Internet of Things) arena, help to advance the industry... - June 11, 2018

New DSRC Antenna Solutions Featured at ITS America 2018

The SMW-313 DSRC, WiFi & GPS antenna is a part of Mobile Mark’s line of emerging Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) antenna solutions. - June 08, 2018

Mobile Mark’s Antenna Certified for Commercial Use on Iridium® System

Mobile Mark, Inc. announced that Iridium Communications, Inc. has certified the Mobile Mark Surface Mount Iridium® & GPS Combination Antenna for commercial use in connection with the Iridium Communications systems. The new antenna will be displayed at the upcoming 2015 Distributech Expo for Smart Grid Communications. - February 05, 2015

Mobile Mark Combines GPS, WiFi, and 4G LTE Antenna Coverage in a Magnet Mount Antenna

Mobile Mark now offers a magnet mount antenna option for its combination GPS, WiFi and 4G LTE Antenna. This antenna is designed for MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modems that feature two 4G LTE connections, one or two WiFi connection as well as GPS. The Magnet Mount Antenna option is ideal... - April 09, 2014

Mobile Mark Moves to a New Antenna Factory in Itasca, Illinois

Mobile Mark, Inc., a leading manufacturer of antenna solutions, has announced the opening of a new 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Itasca, IL. - January 29, 2014

Mobile Mark Introduces New MIMO Surface Mount Antennas That Support All Global LTE Frequencies, WiFi and GPS

Mobile Mark, Inc. announced the introduction of a new line of multiband MIMO antennas (multiple-input-multiple-output) for wireless fleet management systems that support LTE, WiFi and GPS. These newly released antennas stand out because they are broadbanded enough to cover all LTE frequencies... - November 17, 2013

Mobile Mark (Europe), Ltd. Opens Newly-Expanded Facilities in Hednesford, England

MobileMark has moved to Hednesford, England to expand its products and operations, which also offers quick turnaround time for large production volumes and an expanded range of related accessories. - July 18, 2013

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