New Author Publishes First Poetry Collection on War, Politics, History, Society

Description of poetry collection, author and publisher

Boston, MA, September 01, 2008 --( E. O. Kean

African American poet E. O. Kean is the author of a first book of poetry that is as remarkable as its title. Savage: Poems and Prose Poems on War, Politics, History, Society. Mr. Kean’s view is from the left. His work spans decades, is politically incorrect, and likely to be controversial.

Savage is divided into four parts, as its subtitle indicates, with poems loosely grouped under these headings. The book has fifty-nine poems in many different forms. Most are free verse, some use meter and rhyme, several are in prose.

There are powerful poems on our disastrous war on Iraq, foreign policy, and on all three branches of government. Terrorism, toxic waste, corporate crime, religious fanaticisms, and other serious threats to life, and to our earth, are present in his work. The largest section of the book, Society, contains poems about our shared human experience.

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E. O. Kean’s poetry has appeared in Yugen, Antioch Review, Bitterroot, and other “little” magazines. Born in New York City, his childhood was spent in St. Thomas and in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, before his return to New York. He lives with his wife in Boston, Massachusetts.


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