Weekend Movies at TWM

TWM (thisweekendmovies.com) has trailers of new movies with release dates no later than the coming weekend.

Los Angeles, CA, October 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A new website called thisweekendmovies.com has been launched in September 2008. This website allows visitors to watch trailers and clips of new movies with release dates no later than the coming weekend. At the beginning of each week new trailers are added and trailers of previously added movies with release date more than two weeks removed from the website.

Visitors are able to email and IM each clip's information to their friends by clicking email and IM buttons. The emails and IMs sent, contain a link by clicking of which a user comes to the page and video-player selects and plays the exact clip that has been emailed and/or IM ed. Video-player is set to auto play mode. In this mode it highlights the clip it plays. And clicking a clip plays and highlights it.

If a movie producer adds more clips of a chosen movie besides its trailer, then under the trailer, "more clips" link appears. By clicking this link a user is transferred to a new page with more clips of the chosen movie. Video player automatically plays them in the order from top to bottom with the all functionality as in the main page.

This website has been created by a young filmmaker to raise money to produce his own screenplays. One of them is about an epic heroism another one is about human life as a dream. After having tried for a few years to find a literary agent to submit his screenplays to studios, Alexander realized that it is very hard to find an agent in Los Angeles. Recently, he has created thisweekendmovies.com to raise money through publishing ads in this website.

The space above the video-player and under the list of clips is for a short time advertising. Space under the video-player is for one year advertising. To advertise in this place advertisers should buy pixels in the advertise section. The pixels they buy here are mapped in the ratio ½ to the main page.

This is a user friendly website for moviegoers to watch clips of new movies before going to theatres.

This Weekend Movies
Alexander Kingson