Got Cha Organic Bug Spray

Earth Green Earth Blue Waters Co. is introducing Got Cha Organic Bug Spray designed to kill disease carrying insects and eliminate bacteria from surfaces. It is a biodegradable, non toxic, non flammable insect killer.

Got Cha Organic Bug Spray
New York, NY, October 18, 2008 --( Earth Green Earth Blue Waters Co. has engineered Got Cha Bug Spray to have qualities that other bug sprays do not provide. It kills more harmful disease carrying insects safely than all other Bug Sprays and insecticides in the market today. Got Cha Bug Spray is organic and its parts are mainly distilled water. Got Cha bug spray is safe to the environment and to its users in that it is not made up of corrosive oil based chemicals that seep into the human blood streams through their skin pores. Got Cha Bug Spray rids the need of using nerve damaging bug sprays that emit poisonous fumes. The functionality of Got Cha Bug Spray is that it simply softens the exoskelton of insects making them vulnerable to external pressures. In addition to ridding insects Got Cha Bug Spray is water soluble, biodegradable and eliminates bacteria from treated surfaces.

For many years we have accepted and literally funded the devastation that is irreparably destroying our world’s natural ability to replenish its waters fresh oxygen and mineral supplies. However, the creation of Got Cha Bug Spray provides people with a refresher that enables them to feel comfortable and safe without worrying about harmful air born chemicals or oil based residues. There is no trade off for lesser evils when using Got Cha Bug Spray because its containers are recyclable and are not under pressure to combust or corrode.

People who care enough about a Newer and Better beginning for a healthier and safer world should reconsider this type of Bug Spray use that has its own biodegradable control and is non toxic, non flammable, non poisonous, people safe and earth friendly.

Please visit and help the Earth and create a better surrounding living space for you and your neighbors.

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