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OPT Announces Sales Event on Meade mySKY Plus Sky Navigator

Meade mySKY Plus is an electronic device that finds and locates thousands of objects within the night sky. No prior knowledge of the night sky is needed due to the fact that Meade mySKY aligns itself with advanced technologies and minimal input from the user. The Meade mySKY Plus is on sale for only $149 until December 31st 2008 and is available for immediate purchase at OPT.

OPT Announces Sales Event on Meade mySKY Plus Sky Navigator
Oceanside, CA, October 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- OPT is pleased to announce a special sale on the exciting Meade mySKY Plus. From now until December 31st 2008 the Meade mySKY Plus will be selling for the incredible low price of $149 at OPT. The mySKY is produced by Meade Instruments, a world leading manufacturer of telescopes and astronomy products. The Meade mySKY Plus is a fun, interactive, multi-media, hand-held guide to the universe. mySKY locates and identifies celestial objects in the night sky using the latest in electronic technology. Featuring a full-color LCD screen and the added ability to control a Meade computerized telescope, the Meade mySKY is clearly unlike anything else on the market.

Meade mySKY Plus is the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use. No prior knowledge of the night sky is needed due to the fact that Meade mySKY aligns itself with very little input from the user. Meade mySKY Plus features an electronic compass and other high-tech devices that make this possible. Turn it on, enter your time, date and location once, point it at a celestial object and pull the trigger to identify planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies and much more. The Meade mySKY has a database of over 30,000 objects, many which include color images and audio descriptions.

Meade recently upgraded the original mySKY to the newest rendition, the mySKY Plus. The new Plus version of the mySKY has refined software allowing for easier and more entertaining exploration of the universe. New additions include a new product introduction and how-to guide, as well as new multimedia presentations with new audio and video content. The mySKY Plus also saves the user time, date and location for quick startup.

“There are countless individuals who have always wanted to learn more about the night sky, yet the concepts of astronomy can be daunting,” states Craig Weatherwax, owner of OPT. “The new Meade mySKY is an innovative astronomy product that can tear down the astronomy learning curve and allow anybody to explore the night sky, regardless of prior knowledge of the night sky or astronomy."

The Meade mySKY Plus features the latest technology to perform an automatic alignment, allowing customers of any experience level to find objects within the first minutes of using the mySKY. mySKY technology includes a magnetic compass to accurately find north and electronic accelerometers to determine pointing location. In a nutshell this means that the Meade mySKY will do all of the hard work for you, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

Exploration of the night sky starts with a simple video introduction of how to use mySKY. From there, real-time, color SkyMaps guide you to the objects you want to locate. Once an object is located, full-color presentations will blow you away with stunning astrophotography, entertaining audio descriptions, color videos, astronomical mythology, folklore, scientific fun facts and much more. The Meade mySKY also takes you on guided tours of the best objects in your sky, tailored perfectly to your time, date and location. Sandy Wood, the familiar voice of the popular StarDate, a syndicated daily radio program, provides you with audio descriptions of the objects you have found.

One of the most highly anticipated features of the Meade mySKY is the ability to connect with a Meade computerized telescope for advanced telescope functionality. Simply connect the mySKY to a Meade telescope, point the mySKY at an object you wish to observe, pull the mySKY trigger and the telescope will automatically go to the selected object.

The Meade mySKY Plus is now available at the special price of $149 from OPT Telescopes until December 31st 2008. The mySKY is in stock for immediate shipping and includes free UPS shipping to locations within the US. OPT is an Elite Dealer for Meade Instruments, providing telescopes and astronomy products to customers worldwide. OPT has been in business since 1947 and offers top rated customer service and unrivaled expertise.

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