Porta-Putter Cuts Your Putter in Half, But for a Good Cause

New Southern California golf company presents an innovative way to travel with your favorite putter.

Porta-Putter Cuts Your Putter in Half, But for a Good Cause
San Diego, CA, January 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Traveling golfers know the hassle of packing and lugging around clubs and the frustration of using unfamiliar rentals all too well. As golf tournaments kick into gear in the New Year, many golf enthusiasts are beginning to recognize the traveling benefits and utility of the unique Porta-Putter service. Porta-Putter, a San Diego based company, specializes solely in the transformation of personal golf putters into portable putters so as to improve golfers' traveling experience and score.

Unlike those toy wooden portable putters you find at novelty shops, Porta-Putter only services personal golf putters with metal shafts. By inserting a sleek precision insert in the center of a traditional golf putter, Porta-Putter enables the golfer to break down their personal putter into two pieces to be conveniently packed in their suitcase when traveling.

"With the putter accounting for almost half your score, we've found it to be the one club golf enthusiasts miss most when renting clubs," said founder Bob Blumberg. "Our simple precision solution not only relieves the hassle of travel, but it also allows golfers to steer clear of rental putter frustration and abnormal scores."

By partnering with a leading aerospace precision machining company, Porta-Putter has the unique ability to precisely transform personal golf putters into a portable putter without affecting performance. Through extensive blind performance testing, which consisted of both PGA Professionals and golf enthusiasts, Porta-Putter was able to verify no difference in the touch, feel, or performance.

"It doesn't feel like there is any vibration difference or torque," exclaimed PGA Professional Steve Vaughn, Director of Instruction at The Crossings at Carlsbad. "In fact you don't have to have two putters, you can just have this (the Porta-Putter) as your normal putter."

To transform your golf putter into a portable putter or to learn more, visit www.porta-putter.com.

About Porta-Putter:
Porta-Putter founders and avid golfers Bob Blumberg and Sherwin Chasen have created a revolutionary way for golfers to travel with their favorite putters. With the sleek, patented insert, Porta-Putter has the ability to transform a personal golf putter into a portable putter fit for travel. With a Porta-Putter, golf enthusiasts no longer need to lug their clubs or settle for an unfamiliar rental putter from their destination course. Porta-Putter is currently offering their service and golf gift certificates online at www.porta-putter.com.

Jennifer Villalobos