Luxury Credit Card (Black Card) News and Information Site Launched

The Black Card ( site has been launched as a special interest community surrounding luxury credit cards, including news, rumours, lifestyle, celebrities, and more.

New York, NY, March 07, 2009 --( The Black Card ( site, launched earlier this year as a special interest community surrounding luxury credit cards, including news, rumors, lifestyle, celebrities, and more.

Sample content/articles include:

Visa Black Card and Centurion Card hands on Review and Comparison
[...The more information that is gathered about the new Black Card by Visa and Barclay's, the more it seems although the card is not as high end as the American Express Centurion card it does offer some good benefits. You still get what you pay for ($495/year vs $2500/year) when you stack up the benefits (see our chart). Here’s some photos our reader sent in showing the card side by side to the Centurion Card...]

The Black Card Trademark
[...Originally rumor and urban myth, the American Express Centurion Card came to be in 1999 (see the original AMEX press release). “There had been rumors going around that we had this ultra-exclusive black card for elite customers,” says Doug Smith, director of American Express Europe. “It wasn’t true, but we decided to capitalize on the idea anyway. So far we’ve had a customer buy a Bentley and another charter a jet.”]

So, although the urban myth and legend referred to the card as the “Black Card” American Express decided to call it the “Centurion Card” named after their private bank, and trademark that instead; The challenge for AMEX is now, however, that they left themselves open by not also trademarking the term “Black Card,” despite the fact that the American Express Centurion Card is ubiquitously known in popular culture as the “Black Card” or Black AMEX, and less so the “Centurion Card.”

American Express Centurion and Maserati
[...A new partnership between American Express Centurion and Maserati has resulted in the creation of the Maserati Quattroporte for Centurion, Special Series. First unveiled at Forbes House (Belgravia, London) for an exclusive audience of American Express Black Card (Centurion Card holders), the Pininfarina designed luxury saloon was received with excitement...]

Centurion Card Launched in Canada
[...In December 2008, American Express sent out invitations for the Centurion Card in Canada. The invitation eligible, includes about approximately 274,000 consumers, or 2.7% of the population. In Canada the qualifiers are a bit different than in the US, and requires that eligible candidates have at least $1 million in financial assets, excluding collectibles, homes, cars, and general consumer goods. That is, you need to have $1 million in liquid assets, or cash...]

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