Design Back Office Launches DMLive™ 2.0

Company Follows Up Wide Success at Ad:Tech Digital Marketing Conference with New Version of Proprietary Web Solution

New York, NY, May 14, 2009 --( San Francisco based Design Back Office launched DMLive™ 2.0 today at the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference in New York City. DMLive™ 2.0 is the industry’s only proprietary web-based solution that fully automates the design process from ordering to management to delivery. Using the system, clients may now take complete control of their design projects.

Design Back Office is the preeminent provider of outsourced wholesale design services for design retailers. Listening carefully to what their customers have asked for, Design Back Office currently offers an extensive list of over 450 high quality creative solutions from logos and banners to interactive multimedia and online portals. The rollout of DMLive™ 2.0 enables clients to manage it all.

For many, outsourcing has always been an attractive solution. In times of recession, it is even more crucial for solutions to be effective and efficient. For a number of clients, Design Back Office has become an instrumental part of the design team, providing support at any or all stages of the creative development process at a significantly lower cost than a similar in-house department or other sources such as freelancers.

For far too long clients (of agencies and internal departments at large organizations) have been asking for access to what agencies and marketing departments have behind the firewall. DMLive™ 2.0 represents a powerful automated tool that satisfies their clients’ need to view all steps of the design development process such as project revisions, status, costs, and archiving. This saves agencies and marketing departments a great deal of time and money and enables them to focus on attaining new accounts and new business and promoting their products and services.

DMLive™ 2.0 enables users to place design orders; outline project specifications including technical requirements, directions, timetable, etc; view revisions; manage clients and projects; track orders; and manage funds.

A particular highlight of this version of the system, is the added Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature which allows users to manage versioning, archive, search for and retrieve any current and past projects.

For organizations seeking a white label solution, DMLive™ 2.0 is fully customizable and can be integrated into a client’s existing infrasture. Together with Design Back Office’s extensive line of graphic services, DMLive™ 2.0 enables companies to stand apart in an increasingly competitive market, expand their current offerings, and cross-sell complimentary services.

This launch follows on the heels of a widely successful Ad:Tech conference in San Francisco last week where, as a subtle attempt to convert the non-believers, the Design Back Office team offered attendees the opportunity to receive a free custom-designed logo.

“The show was open for about 16 hours between the two days. Our team designed 175 custom logos averaging 33 minutes to delivery. We received a flooding of positive feedback from participants as they examined our work on their Blackberry’s and iPhones from the show floor. It appears we’ve proven the model quite well,” says Cliff Kaplan, San Francisco-based President of Design Back Office.

“We’re in an economy that is looking at a slow exit from recession, so naturally companies around the globe are tightening down their design budgets, while trying to find an even better means of achieving a positive ROI on marketing campaigns.”

Attendees of the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference here in New York will also receive Design Back Office’s offer of a free custom logo designed in under 45 minutes. Design Back Office will be providing demos of DMLive™ 2.0 throughout the conference.

In today’s business economy, companies face the challenge of improving quality while cutting costs. One successful way to cut costs is to take systemic and rote job functions and outsource them to others who offer a competitive cost advantage.

Many companies have discovered this solution with Design Back Office, outsourcing the lowest value elements in the creative development process. Assuming the role of design support team, Design Back Office efficiently handles all aspects of the production process, such as creating clipping paths and photo retouching. This outsourcing strategy saves money, increases speed to market, and frees up valuable time allowing companies to focus on their core competencies.

Design Back Office offers free 24/7 customer support with sales and operations reps in San Francisco to answer design questions. Strategically placed global design centers enable follow-the-sun support.

Mathew Wilson
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