Automated Valet Parking Manager
Automated Valet Parking Manager

Automated Valet Refutes Claim of Patent Infringement

Automated Valet Refutes Claim of Patent Infringement
Plantation, FL, May 18, 2009 --( "Recent claims published against Automated Valet are inappropriate and untrue. A press release circulated widely by an Automated Valet competitor, CVPS, alleging patent infringement is misleading and defamatory," claims Automated Founder and CEO Ken Gulec. Company officials wish to clarify the situation. Automated Valet, as a leader of innovation in the industry, respects the intellectual property rights of others. As a result of its enviable success with its state of the art Patent Pending system, Automated Valet has become the recognized leader in the valet industry, which is a growing concern for its competitors. “Since the first day we’ve started our business our goal was to create the perfect system,” says Automated Valet Founder and CEO Ken Gulec. “Reviews shared by our current customers and potential customers clearly state that AVPM system does not resemble the competition and is a vast improvement over antiquated systems. In fact, our system solves valet parking challenges in ways no other system can.”

"As a result of AVPM’s success, CVPS has embarked on a malicious campaign to tarnish Automated Valet’s reputation with blatantly misleading press releases accusing them of patent infringement. Automated Valet on several occasions has reached out to CVPS to alleviate its concerns and create an environment for respectful coexistence, including, inviting CVPS management to live demonstrations of its products and welcoming a discussion of any question of patent rights. CVPS has not responded to these invitations, electing instead to engage in false public accusations and mud slinging," alleges Ken Gulec.

Automated Valet does not wish to engage in an exchange of negative press, but must maintain its reputation for innovative technology and honest business practices. “We welcome the opportunity to enforce our rights in court,” Gulec says. “We believe in competition and that is why we keep our promises to our customers and are improving our product every day.”

“Automated Valet is publicly offering CVPS an opportunity to correct the situation and address concerns in a more appropriate manner. We are repeating our invitation and we will accept their apology. This is a public invitation,” Gulec says. “We believe this is a publicity stunt motivated by fear of competition. Our success has motivated these terrible claims. We believe CVPS knows our system is not infringing on their patent,” states Ken Gulec. "No company should attack other companies just to solve their business problems."

"Automated Valet vehemently denies the allegations made by CVPS in its complaint and has responded with a countersuit for patent invalidity and non-infringement, inequitable and fraudulent conduct before the United States Patent and Trademark Office in procuring its patents for failing to disclose material information that renders their patents invalid, antitrust for patent misuse in violation of the Sherman Act, federal unfair competition and unfair competition under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. Automated Valet has ample evidence to support its claims and is confident that it will prevail before a jury in a Court of law," says Ken Gulec.

Case No. 2:09-CV-11054-JAC-MJH

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