Little League World Series Uses REACT Systems Emergency Response Solutions

Little League security team improves ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

Los Altos, CA, August 29, 2009 --( Little League Baseball Inc. has implemented the Critical Response Notification solution from REACT Systems, Inc.™ for the the Little League World Series event to assist with emergency response and mass notification. Through the use of the REACT solution, the security team for the Little League World Series is able to quickly communicate and manage security events over time to ensure immediate response and effective resolution.

REACT Systems provides mass notification and emergency management solutions that enable organizations to communicate and organize response during critical events. REACT provides prioritized communication capability for emergencies and general communication on computer desktops, public displays, cell phones, telephones, e-mail and PA systems.

The REACT solution in use at the Little League World Series is integrated with the OnGuard security solution from Lenel Systems International, Inc., to automate communication of security events across the security team. The connection between the security and communication systems ensures security events are communicated quickly with specific instructions for response.

“We are big fans of the Little League organization and are happy to be working with them to improve their security response capabilities. We will definitely be watching the games with our families and are happy to know that our solution can help ensure a successful series,” said Jeremy Krinitt, VP Product Marketing at REACT.

“When it is necessary to provide a mass notification to the Little League staff working at the World Series, the REACT system allows us to communicate quickly and clearly,” said James Ferguson, Director of Security for the Little League Baseball World Series. “The system is effective because of its ability to reach people through their mobile and hand-held devices. Coordination and accurate information are efficiently integrated through the REACT System to enhance the levels of security provided to Little League International by Lenel.”

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REACT Systems™, Inc. is the innovator and leader in high performance, reliable, global mass notification and critical communication systems that unify critical actions in emergencies and time-sensitive situations. REACT enables health care providers, educational institutions, public safety agencies, facility operators and corporations to dramatically improve effectiveness in critical response by assuring incident readiness and real-time, coordinated response. The REACT system can notify first responders and those at risk anywhere in the world, within seconds, delivering targeted video, audio, voice and text-based information via any mode of communication. It is cost effective, fully scalable and configurable for ease of installation, integration and change management. REACT products are commercially available and can be quickly deployed. For more information, visit

About Little League Baseball, Inc.
Little League Baseball and Softball is the world’s largest organized youth sports program, with nearly 2.7 million players and one million adult volunteers in every U.S. state and scores of other countries. The Little League organization is a Federal Incorporation granted under a Bill signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 17, 1964, and amended December 24, 1974, to reflect the admission of girls - it is the only youth sports program so honored.

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