VPI.Net Launches ‘Curse of the Lost Tomb Lite’; Updated Phone App on Apple’s ‘What’s Hot’ List

Irvine, CA, September 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Curse of the Lost Tomb, the successful 3-D marble game from VPI.Net, has launched an updated “Lite” version with new features that quickly put it on Apple’s What’s Hot” list. The “Lite” is a free sample of what players will find in the new 1.1 update of the original game.

“Curse of the Lost Tomb Lite” features 5 levels, and if players like the free sample, they can purchase the full version for $ .99 for 23 levels, leaderboards, achievements, and 5 additional marbles.

"Curse of the Lost Tomb is a simple game where the player must roll a ball through 20 great-looking stages while collecting coins along the way. The first thing you’ll notice about this game is the graphics. To see this level of graphic beauty... really amazed me." -AppVee.com

"If you’re looking for a challenging, entertaining, and great looking game, Curse of the Lost Tomb is definitely worth it." -Big Albie, Toucharcade

“Calibration on this game is tops and control of your "ball" is spot on." -Richard, Toucharcade

“Forgiving controls, good level design, and online leaderboards for each stage ensure Curse of the Lost Tomb is a worthy find.” - Pocket Gamer.

Features in the new 1.1 Version:
- New Levels
- New Medal system - Earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal in each level based on your score
- Pause button added in-game
- graphical art updates

Features in the Lite Version include:
- 3D levels with amazing graphics
- Accelerometer based controls
- 5 playable levels
- Great soundtrack
- Checkpoints save your progress as you play
- Controls can be calibrated to fit your exact control-style

Players can purchase the Full version for even more features:
- Leaderboards for each level to compare your scores with the rest of the world
- Achievement system unlocks special features
- 23 playable levels
- 5 different playable marbles

“Curse of the Lost Tomb” was developed by VPI.Net’s in-house games group VPI Games. Here is the storyline:

A great civilization that once thrived deep in the heart of Egypt has recently been discovered. However, upon entering the sacred tomb a 3,000 year old curse was awakened. The desert sands melted into quicksand, souls of the dead were released, and a vortex opened shifting the tomb into an impenetrable maze of clever traps, and fire-triggered doorways. Now you have the opportunity to transport your marble into the Lost Tomb and collect the Pharaoh's great treasure that has been spread throughout the ruins in small clay jars. But be careful. Cursed mummy's, swinging hammers and a topsy-turvy world of narrow pathways, skill-based challenges and deep quicksand will stand in your way. Can you break the curse? To play simply tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to navigate through each of the levels, collecting coins and dodging obstacles as you race for the fastest time.

Curse of the Lost Tomb is available for purchase on iTunes. Go here for all the information: http://shigglez.com/#/IPhone/Curse

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VPI Net Launches Free Curse Of Lost Tomb Lite App

VPI Net Launches Free Curse Of Lost Tomb Lite App

iPhone App Curse of Lost Tomb Lite App launched as free sample - if players like it, they can buy the upgraded Lost Tomb 1.1 with more features