The "Human Food Factor": a New Book Release

This book describes a provocative viewpoint concerning where we are going as a society, who is taking us there and why.

The "Human Food Factor": a New Book Release
Nashville, TN, September 29, 2009 --( Shown on the "Human Food Factor" website, is the backside of the book cover and point of purchase. The "food" implication in the title describes "we, the people" being the primary "feeding factor" in the plans of those who designed the road we are headed down and why.

The book describes the application of common sense, logic and reason, in layman terms, about the direction we are headed and in consideration of the numerous mainstream and private references that are available today. The question; why these things are happening to us and who designed them?

This is a fresh, bold viewpoint concerning who these people really are and why they are doing what they are doing. This is not a new plan. It is a very old plan and the present day facilitators have been maintained to carry them out.

The book “The Human Food Factor,” by Howard R. Axtell is well worth the time and money. The facts within are being verified more and more everyday. These are definitely scary times.

They forget: Without us, nothing has value.

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Howard R. Axtell