Bank ATM Downtime Reduced and Costly Technician Visits Eliminated by ATM Power Manager Product from Data Connections Inc.

Data Connections Inc, announces the ATM Power Manager product line. The ATM Power Manager will reduce ATM downtime, and eliminate technician site visits to Bank ATMs to perform a power shut down and restart.

Charlotte, NC, November 17, 2009 --( Data Connections Inc, announced today the introduction of their ATM Power Manager product line. The ATM Power Manager line of products consists of hardware and software that can greatly reduce downtime, and eliminate technician site visits to Bank ATMs to perform a shut down and restart. By remotely controlling the power flow to an ATM or the PC in an ATM, ATM Power Manager enables administrators to instantly turn-off, turn-on or recycle power over their own secure IP connection. The core of the product line is the ATM Power Manager switch and the ATM Power Manager software. Accessories that can be added to enhance the stability and remote control of bank ATMs include an integrated UPS, a power conditioner, and secure IP based KVM control of the ATMs PC.

The Data Connections Inc. ATM Power Manager switch is built in the U.S. by an O.E.M partner with years of experience in the remote power control devices. The software that controls the switch is a Data Connections Inc. product and its design is based on input from our numerous banking customers. The ATM Power Manager switch is available in two versions. Banks can choose to control the power to the entire ATM or just the PC inside the ATM. ATM Power Manager can operate in extreme hot and cold environments by adding an integrated heater/cooler to the switch unit. The ATM Power Manager product is available today for POC’s and evaluations but in limited quantities. General availability is expected in January 2010.

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