Southern Author Parallels Family’s Growth with America’s Rise During 20th Century

Mississippi-native Jennifer Crane publishes first novel, Coopers Crossing.

Southern Author Parallels Family’s Growth with America’s Rise During 20th Century
Jackson, MS, December 29, 2009 --( In her first foray into the literary market, Mississippi-native Jennifer Crane has published her novel Coopers Crossing, a story of four generations of her family struggling to come of age in the 20th century as America changes and grows.

Mrs. Crane used events from her own life to inspire this fictional work that poignantly tells how her family, through their faith, overcame The Great Depression, World War II, the Vietnam War, natural disasters, family disasters and every day events over nearly 100 years.

Coopers Crossing is divided into four parts, one focused on the central characters of each generation -- Edna, Bud, Cheryl, and finally, Cheryl’s children Daniel and Denise. The characters evolve throughout the story: moving from backwoods country speak to the mature language often heard today; leaving rural Mississippi for more urban areas; and abandoning cow milking and field plowing for advanced educations and careers in air-conditioned buildings.

“What started out as a family memoir for my children quickly evolved into so much more,” Mrs. Crane said. “I realized I had a golden opportunity to tell a story that so many families could relate to.”

Mrs. Crane credits Lulu, a self-publishing company, with helping her achieve her long-time dream of being a published author.

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Jennifer Crane, whose real name is Jennifer Dorsey, is a retired schoolteacher living in Pearl, Miss., with her husband. Coopers Crossing is available for purchase at
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