Atmosphere Hospitality Draws on Its Revolutionary Green "DNA" to Unveil New Select Service Prototype Adoba Eco Inn

The Adoba Eco Inn is the latest green offspring from Atmosphere Hospitality Managements socially responsible LEED certified green independent brand concept.

Atmosphere Hospitality Draws on Its Revolutionary Green "DNA" to Unveil New Select Service Prototype Adoba Eco Inn
Denver, CO, November 16, 2010 --( The Adoba Eco Inn prototype will feature the brands green “DNA” Distinctively New Attributes such as the Adoba Smart Solar Roofing®, A-Gemini Alternative Wind Energy Solution®, the A-Gemini Total Technology Property Management Systems® and the innovative Journey Rewards® program.

With Adoba Eco Inns, the Atmosphere team maintains a brand-wide adherence to unwavering environmental and socially responsible standards. Every Adoba Eco Inn, like the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites, will be required to achieve Gold or Platinum certification through the U.S. Green Business Council’s LEED certification process for new construction.

“The development and investment community has been clamoring for a green breakthrough hotel development like the Adoba Eco Inn design,” said James Henderson, Atmosphere Hospitality Management CEO. “At a more manageable development cost per key compared to non-green traditional hotels, this prototype looks to pay off in a big way for both owners and the environment.”

In preparation for the development pickup Atmosphere has created a limited-time performance driven incentive package for prospective owners, which complements the already existent non-traditional franchise fee model already in play. For broader development information about the Adoba Eco Brand, architectural plans, renderings, and room/suite layouts, visit

About Atmosphere Hospitality Management
Denver-based Atmosphere Hospitality Management is a progressive, innovative new hotel management company. Founded in 2009 by Agemini Hospitality LLC, Atmosphere Hospitality Management has experience managing all recognized national branded properties, restaurants and independent resorts with a passion for developing sustainable travel options. Atmosphere Hospitality Management has a significant head-start as the hotel management company synonymous with green hotel design, construction and sustainable profitable practices.

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