Cadence Infrastructure Offering St. Petersburg, Florida a Sum of $100 Million to Solve Its Funding Issue

Cadence Infrastructure puts up an offering of $100 million to the City of St. Petersburg, Florida to solve its funding issue. Cadence Infrastructure's ability to offer Governmental Agencies these lump sum payments could be a solution to some much needed debt relief and financial stability.

Atlanta, GA, May 13, 2011 --( Fox News in Tampa Bay recently reported another potential candidate for Cadence Infrastructure's funding solution opportunity which is St. Petersburg Florida. According to reports, City Council Member, Wengay Newton consulted with his fellow council members to consider an offer from Cadence Infrastructure to become the city's leasing agent for cellular sites by hanging the lower profile 4G microantennae in areas of the city and benefit by getting a sum of $100 million upfront. "If you can get that upfront, you can probably pay for the police station and the pier all in one check," Newton said. Newton presented the ideas to city administrators on Monday, and they are now looking into it.

"Cell tower solutions is just one of the many solutions that Cadence offers. We hope to be the new funding solution for all City and State Government Agencies and we're now in the process of closing out multiple deals with multiple Governmental agencies," said Keith Hulbert, CEO and Chairman of Cadence Infrastructure.

In 2006, the city of Chicago also adopted an agreement for a lease proposal, in return obtaining a one time lump sum payment of $563 Million upfront and therefore being able to retire its bonds and other debt related to the parking system that totaled $208 million. More than $235 remained unencumbered for the city to use as it pleased. The city also used some portions to fund massive city park improvements.

A few of the opportunities offered by Cadence Infrastructure are:

*Integrated Solutions which include:
-Airport Development

*Funding Solutions which include:
-Off balance sheet Debt Solution

*Green Development:
-Solar Power

Cadence's approach to deliver next generation 4G cellular antennas will generate millions of dollars per year in annual revenue. Cadence is currently also working with Cities and States to resolve their trash problems and turn it into energy and an increased annual revenue. Cadence combines the best of the private sector with government goals and strong financial solutions to benefit everyone.

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