Local Marketing Agency Recreates Magazine Into App for iPad

Nashville, TN, May 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Nashville-based agency, Centresource partnered with American Songwriter Magazine to design a digital experience of the publication for iPad users.

With mobile services growing in demand, Centresource took a unique approach to creating The American Songwriter app - now available on iTunes - by taking the existing magazine layout, PDF format, and wrapping an iPad experience around it—resulting in 80 pages of original content and features such as videos, mp3 song streams, and social networking.

For local agency Centresource, mobile development has been a key area of focus for 2011 and 2012. So they were thrilled at the chance to partner with Nashville-based American Songwriter Magazine in creating an iPad app in a new way.

When the two teamed up to create a strategy surrounding the app they decided that instead of recreating all of the American Songwriter Magazine content for the app--as is common practice in iPad app creation--to simply take the PDF of the magazine as it exists and add in interactive components. This approach makes for an extremely cost-efficient form of iPad publishing.

Described as the “The craft of music delivered digitally,” the American Songwriter app features a rich media experience of video, streaming, contesting and inspiration aligned with the original content from the magazine.

American Songwriter Magazine has been around since 1984, delivering insight on everything from music business, reviews, and interviews to songwriting craft, how-tos, and technology. A brief sampling of their recent issue shows diversity with features such as “Music and Politics,” “Behind the Song: ‘Gambler,'” and “Mixing Tips: Focusrite VRM Box.”

“I believe the American Songwriter app is unique because it represents a bridge between magazines and fully optimized iPad publications,” remarks Founder and CEO of Centresource, Nicholas Holland. “We delivered the ability to leverage their current format, PDF, while still providing an interactive experience. For publications that aren't ready to reconstruct their content for the iPad, the American Songwriter app represents a unique solution."

Centresource’s Josh Sullivan, who designed the app, commented, “It's great to see magazines like American Songwriter embracing the iPad. The app gives the reader the ability to delve in to the magazine like never before; allowing them to interact with the magazine and discover bonus content with a tap of a finger.”

Downloading the current App is free, along with the May/June issue--the first print edition of the magazine available through the iPad store.

About Centresource Interactive Agency:
Centresource is a family of strategists, creatives, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs skilled in building, boosting or branding your business. Located in Nashville, TN, Centresource provides interactive marketing solutions that mobilize brands and engage the modern day consumer.

You can stay in touch with American Songwriter in the following ways:

Twitter: @amersongwriter

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmericanSongwriterMagazine

Website: http://americansongwriter.com

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