Troop Transition™ Builds GI THRIVE to Stave-off Veteran Unemployment

GI Thrive™, the newest in a string of successful programs from the builders of Troops2Roughnecks™, Troops2Truckers™ and Troops2Energy™ has gone online to bring training and jobs to combat rising veteran unemployment.

Troop Transition™ Builds GI THRIVE to Stave-off Veteran Unemployment
San Diego, CA, August 09, 2011 --( Troop Transition International, the country’s only active duty and veteran vocational training organization, who also provides job placement, is pleased to announce its newest course offering in the form of an online training product called, “” GI Thrive is a 48 hour online roughneck training course for those veterans who would like to hit reset on their career path with no loss in time or money. This online training course is 48 hours of preparatory education for an entry level job in the oil and gas industry; including history of the industry, technical skills, the industry safety card and an introduction to success skills in the workplace called, “mDNA®.” “This training is a new standard for this industry offering a high number of dedicated veterans who honorably served their country the ability to obtain employment with industry leading companies committed to hiring thousands of veterans over the next year,” said Dean Bell, Program Manager of Online Education for Troop Transition and GI Thrive. “GI Thrive addresses unique transition and workplace needs of the veteran through its exclusive program as to why they have an edge to succeed over their civilian counterparts and how their mDNA® can be used to their advantage.” The program called “mDNA® -- Success Skills,” or military DNA, is an exclusive trait of Troop Transition™ course graduates.

Troop Transition™, a five year old company that started with Troops2Truckers™, built Troops2Roughnecks™, the company’s flagship program; and also recently launched Troops2Energy™ is becoming nationally known as the go to company for top employees. GI Thrive is the younger brother of Troops2Roughnecks™, where Troops2Roughnecks is only available to active duty Marines who are located on one of four Marine Corps bases, GI Thrive is available to anyone who has worn the uniform. “GI Thrive is an online course to help veterans learn a trade and an industry in a short 48 hours, plus gaining the opportunity to get a front-of-the-line pass to interview at major oil and gas companies,” said the Founder and CEO of Troop Transition, Kevin Denny.

About Troop Transition™:
Based in San Diego, Troop Transition International provides industry driven vocational /certificate education and training coupled with end-to-end employment services to separating active duty and veteran servicemen and women by obtaining strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 companies in the Oil and Gas, Transportation and Energy industries with the ultimate mission to significantly reduce post service unemployment. Troop Transition envisions its role as the nation’s leader by increasing the veteran employment rate. For more information, please contact us online at or

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