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MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, is Offering Nuclear Receptor Fusion Proteins That Are of Importance to the Pharmaceutical Industry for FRET Interaction Studies

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, supplier of research tools, introduces a collection of Nuclear Receptor-Ligand Binding Domain fusion proteins, carrying a GST tag, capable to bind a Europium-anti-GST antibody. With this the influence of fluorophore-labeled peptides on the ligand binding characteristics can be studied. E.g. the addition of a particular peptide might prevent the receptor from binding a ligand, thereby eliminating a response of a cell to a given stimulus.

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, is Offering Nuclear Receptor Fusion Proteins That Are of Importance to the Pharmaceutical Industry for FRET Interaction Studies
Goettingen, Germany, August 17, 2011 --( In the field of molecular biology, nuclear receptors are a class of proteins found within cells that are responsible for sensing steroid and thyroid hormones and certain other molecules. In response, these receptors work with other proteins to regulate the expression of specific genes, thereby controlling the development, homeostasis, and metabolism of the organism.

Nuclear receptors have the ability to directly bind to DNA and regulate the expression of adjacent genes, hence these receptors are classified as transcription factors. The regulation of gene expression by nuclear receptors generally only happens when a ligand — a molecule that affects the receptor's behavior — is present. More specifically, ligand binding to a nuclear receptor results in a conformational change in the receptor, which, in turn, activates the receptor, resulting in up-regulation or down-regulation of gene expression.

A unique property of nuclear receptors that differentiates them from other classes of receptors is their ability to directly interact with and control the expression of genomic DNA. As a consequence, nuclear receptors play key roles in both embryonic development and adult homeostasis.

The following nuclear receptors fusion proteins are available from MoBiTec for ligand and peptide screening:

- Nuclear receptor PPAR alpha NR1C1 LBD (aa164-468)
- Nuclear receptor PPAR beta/delta NR1C2 LBD (aa137-441)
- Nuclear receptor PPAR gamma-fl NR1C3 LBD (aa1-477)
- Nuclear receptor LXR beta LBD (aa155-461)
- Nuclear receptor FXR (mouse) NR1H4 LBD (aa202-484)
- Nuclear receptor VDR NR1I1 LBD (aa88-428)
- Nuclear receptor PXR (SXR) NR1I2 LBD (aa106-437)
- Nuclear receptor ERR alpha NR3B1 LBD (aa143-423)
- Nuclear receptor ERR gamma NR3B3 LBD (aa190-423)

Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) is a distance-dependent interaction between the electronic excited states of two dye molecules in which excitation is transferred from a donor molecule to an acceptor molecule without emission of a photon. The efficiency of FRET is dependent on the inverse sixth power of the intermolecular separation, making it useful over distances comparable to the dimensions of biological macromolecules. Thus, FRET is an important technique for investigating a variety of biological phenomena that produce changes in molecular proximity.

The assays’ object is the identification of peptides targeting and modulating the activity of the nuclear receptors by FRET.

More details and data sheets can be found on this website:

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