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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases Pictures of Sports Icons and Sports Memorabilia

Finding authentic sports memorabilia and pictures of sports legends can be difficult for the average fan. MyReviewsNow Shop At Home is excited to announce its affiliation with Authentic Sports Collectibles, a provider of fine sports collectibles.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases Pictures of Sports Icons and Sports Memorabilia
Atlanta, GA, September 09, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow is pleased to present authentic sports memorabilia and pictures of sports legends for fans of all ages from Authentic Sports Collectibles. Because an authentic signature can drastically increase the value of a collectible, the average fan can have a difficult time finding affordable pieces. Authentic Sports specializes in verified memorabilia with competitive prices from all major sports.

Authentic Sports Collectibles was first established in 1998 as the memorabilia division of Five Star Media, Inc. The company has expanded from a small mail order business into one of the premier Internet retailers of authenticated sports goods. Although numerous competitors exist on the Web, Authentic Sports Collectibles takes pride in their attentive customer service and long track record.

The company sells sports memorabilia, pictures of sports icons, and unsigned collectibles from all of major sports. Authentic Sports Collectibles' lineup includes products from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League.

Collectibles from boxing, golf, NASCAR, soccer, and tennis are also available on the website. Authentic Sports Collectibles even carries items from extreme sports, the Olympics, and professional wrestling.

Although competitors may only carry traditional memorabilia, Authentic Sports Collectibles carries common and rare pieces. For example, NFL fans can find traditional jerseys and signed balls, but rare football items such as coins, full-size helmets with autographs, and pictures of sports famous venues in mint condition are also in the company's inventory.

Authentic Sports has autographed MLB baseballs in display or game-worn condition. Customers can choose between batting gloves, helmets, or regular gloves among other items. NHL fans can pick up an autographed hockey stick or puck.

Authentic Sports' boxing section sells autographed boxing gloves and trunks, but the company also has collectibles from MMA fighters. Fans of the Olympics can find autographs from stars like the 1996 U.S. women's gymnastics team or other medalists on photographs of their signature moments.

The golf category has an entire section dedicated to Tiger Woods, and autographs on club heads, pin flags, and scorecards are available for the collector who wants a piece that is a bit different from the standard photographs. NASCAR memorabilia has autographed race car parts from noteworthy drivers.

Tennis stars like Chris Evert, Danira Safina, and John McEnroe have had some of their autographed collectibles in Authentic Sports' inventory. The wrestling category has items from WWE stars, but WWF fans can also find memorabilia from their favorite athletes.

Authentic Sports even carries limited quantities of unusual memorabilia in their unique gifts category. For example, the company has sold entire sections of plastic bleacher seats from the 1996 Yankee Stadium to fans of baseball history, and an autographed uniform patch worn by Evel Knievel was available for fans of stunt drivers.

All of the items carried by Authentic Sports Collectibles have undergone continuous scrutiny from the signature phase to the actual sale. The company's items come from major memorabilia companies like Radtke Sports, Real Deal Memorabilia, and Upper Deck. A detailed explanation of each company's verification process is available for customers to read before making their purchase.

A majority of the items include a marker of authenticity from the company. The marker may be a certificate, photograph of the signature moment, or a statement from a third-party witness. Some items may also be imprinted with a hologram.

For more information regarding pictures of sports legends and sports memorabilia, please visit MyReviewsNow Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell