BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. to Present SRM Stem Cell Technology at MIT India Congress

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. to Present SRM Stem Cell Technology at MIT India Congress
San Diego, CA, October 25, 2011 --( BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., a privately owned stem cell therapeutics corporation headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA, announced today that Dr. Greg Maguire, CEO and Co-Founder, has been invited to present a lecture entitled, “Therapeutic and Medical Procedure Development Using Stem Cell-Based S2RM TechnologyTM” at the international congress entitled “Nano and Regenerative Medicines – Opportunities and Challenges for India.” The congress is sponsored by MIT and will be held in Mumbai, India this December 12th and 13th 2011.

President and Co-Founder Peter Friedman explained that “S2RM TechnologyTM uses the molecules released from multiple stem cell types in a patented process to develop therapeutics and medical procedures that mimic mother nature’s healing processes. When the body is diseased or traumatized, multiple stem cell types are usually recruited to the affected area where the stem cells release a combination of molecules to orchestrate the healing process.” Dr. Maguire added, “S2RM TechnologyTM has been shown to rebuild tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, and modulate immune function. Using the correct combinations of stem cells, stimulating the cells in different ways, and adjusting the ratios of molecules, we can produce specific types of the S2RM to treat different diseases or traumatic conditions.” Dr. Ravi Pottathil, a member of the board of MIT India said that “BioRegenerative Sciences will have an opportunity to present to, and meet with, the captains of industry, medicine, and academia in India to develop strategic alliances that will allow the company to grow, and allow India to help develop and benefit from the technology.”

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. currently has eleven patented products on the market and is further developing a portfolio of therapeutic and cosmeceutical products and services based on BRS’s core stem cell-based S2RM Technology.TM For more information, please email:, or call customer service at 877.892.9991.

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