Paragon Innovations Helps Diabetics Cut the (Refrigerator) Cord, with Design of New Temperature Control Device

Say goodbye to coolers and ice packs. Available this summer from Kewl Innovations, amazing nano-technology-driven device will keep medicine temps consistent – for days.

Richardson, TX, March 19, 2012 --( Diabetics and others who rely on refrigerated medications are on the verge of newfound freedom and flexibility, thanks to Paragon Innovations and its client, Kewl Innovations.

Paragon has been instrumental in the design of Kewl’s new product, which is scheduled to hit the market this summer. The small, lightweight device can control and monitor the temperature of medications over several days, making travel easier than ever. With a single charge, the device can ensure medicine is properly refrigerated without a gel pack, ice chest or other bulky and unreliable cooling methods.

Paragon is working with Kewl to leverage several advanced methodologies in the new product, which relies on nanotechnology, advanced software and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

“The development of this product presented a unique challenge. Providing accurate, long-lasting temperature control in a small, portable device requires expertise across multiple engineering disciplines,” said Tom Borger, president and chief executive officer for Kewl Innovations, Inc., which is headquartered in Richardson. “Paragon attacked this complex problem and is helping us create a product we are excited to take to the marketplace.”

The Kewl product will represent a breakthrough in consumer healthcare. It will be the first time a single product has solved three significant problems for individuals who rely upon insulin and similar medications: long-term temperature control, portability in a small format, and extended battery life over several days.

“We’re always happy to help clients solve their engineering challenges, but this product from Kewl Innovations is particularly exciting,” said Michael Wilkinson, chief executive officer for Paragon. “With a single device, patients who once felt tethered to their homes and their refrigerators will be given the freedom to travel, without worrying about their medication or their schedule.”

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