Partnership to Protect Native Youth

Albuquerque, NM, April 05, 2012 --( Statistics on child welfare in Indian Country, although far from complete, paint a troubling picture of too many children being neglected and even abused, with substance abuse emerging as the most common contributing factor. For this reason, Lamar Associates-Indian Country Training and the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC) have formed a partnership to develop a specific curriculum for service providers who work with children in tribal communities. The collective goal is to improve early detection and intervention so that Native families get the help they need before a tragedy occurs.

“Our mission is to promote prevention education for our tribal communities because we know firsthand the drug threat in our tribal lands is significant,” said Steven Juneau, Chief Executive Officer of Indian Country Training. “Children are primarily at risk of neglect as a result of their caregiver’s involvement in substance abuse. We want our children safe and we want parents to get well. To accomplish this, our partnership with the National DEC will strengthen our capacity to provide training and technical assistance in early identification and intervention, along with substance abuse awareness on drugs that plague our communities.”

“Adults who get involved in drug trafficking or substance abuse put their children at risk. The Tribal DEC training curriculum we are developing will help law enforcement, child welfare, medical personnel, treatment providers and others who work in Indian Country identify drug endangered children and provide appropriate services to protect these children and help families recover from their involvement with drugs,” adds Lori Moriarty, National DEC Vice President. “Our partnership will increase our capacity to help children in Indian Country and make us both stronger organizations.”

The Department of Justice recently invited testimony for its Defending Childhood Initiative from Walter Lamar, President and CEO of Lamar Associates. Lamar testified that, “Victimization in each generation affects the attitudes and emotions learned by the next. We carry the hurt of those who came before us and we learn hopelessness. It breaks my heart to think of our young people so desperate for relief they will swallow, inhale, snort, and inject almost any substance, no matter how dangerous, for a few fleeting moments of escape. We all must work harder to save these children.”

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children is a national non-profit organization funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Justice. It was formed by practitioners nationwide with the goal of reducing the number of children who suffer neglect and abuse because of their caregivers’ involvement with drugs. National DEC includes a network of state, tribal and local DEC Alliances whose focus is to work collaboratively to protect children by making local practitioners more effective in their work. “Drug endangered children need our help,” said Chuck Noerenberg, National DEC President. “This partnership between National DEC and Lamar Associates-Indian Country Training will greatly strengthen our efforts to protect and serve children wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.”

The Indian Country Training and National DEC partnership will focus on offering training and technical assistance to support the formation of community-based partnerships that encourage people across multiple disciplines to coordinate their mutual interests, resources and responsibilities. We support tribal communities by helping to develop efficient and effective strategies and tools that better leverage existing resources. Approaches such as tribal drug and family courts, evidence-based practices and mentoring are effective in creating safer environments for Native children.

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Indian Country Training is a division of Lamar Associates, a 100 percent American Indian-owned and operated professional services firm specializing in training, technical assistance, consulting, assessments, security and emergency preparedness with a focus on issues relevant to Indian Country.

Our consulting, training and technical assistance programs are designed to empower tribal communities by providing realistic problem-solving strategies and community based solutions that effectively address today’s challenging issues in Indian Country. For more about the company go to or contact us at 202.543.8181.

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children forms partnerships and alliances across the country to provide training, resources, and technical assistance to rescue, defend, shelter, and support drug endangered children. National DEC has a web-based Resource Center, a DEC training program, and a network of professionals concerned about the well-being of drug endangered children. To learn more go to: or contact National DEC offices.


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