Zeelfa, a Unique Referral and Recommendation Website, Has Today Announced the Official Debut of Their Service

Dallas, TX, November 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Zeelfa has today unveiled their one of a kind website, officially launching their service for all users. A completely unique concept, Zeelfa differs considerably from other services review sites.

Finding a trustworthy service provider can be a daunting process. Zeelfa, a referral site for services, gives members the ability to recommend professional service providers to their friends and family. At heart, the concept is very different from other seemingly similar sites. Other sites focus on their members leaving a review for service providers they have used. Zeelfa is based on a different concept – the focus here is on recommending a provider to friends and family who need those services, and incorporating major social networking tools.

Zeelfa is all about answering pertinent questions and addressing problems, some of which include:

1. Finding Trustworthy Service Providers: Trust is an important concern for customers looking to hire a new service

2. Most review sites are biased

3. Most classified sites are anonymous

4. There are no easy ways to know of your friend’s and family member’s service providers

Like members of social networking sites, Zeelfa members can create a full profile, complete with a profile picture, demographic information and more. They can invite friends and family to sign up as well, and they can begin searching for service providers used by their connections. For example, they can find out who their Uncle Robert uses for his automotive service or who their friend Janet goes to for dental work. As such, Zeelfa includes a wide range of categories and subcategories, and is continuously adding more.

Finding referrals is as simple as clicking the “Referrals” tab on the top menu and choosing the “Find Referrals” option from the dropdown menu that appears. On the next page, users are presented with the ability to search for the category of service they need, the keywords they wish to use and their location. Referring a service is just as simple. A user simply clicks on “Refer a Service” and then does a quick check to make sure the service is not yet listed. Then, they simply input the information required and the listing is complete.

To find out more about this innovative network and begin referring services, visit http://www.Zeelfa.com.

About Zeelfa: Zeelfa is an innovative social network that allows members to refer their friends and family to their own trusted service professionals. From dentists to lawn care to medical services, Zeelfa exists to help users refer and find the highest quality professionals based on recommendations of their own friends and family.
Val T. Besong